What is Feng Shui?

Where Intention Goes - Energy Flows

Feng Shui is a spiritual practice which helps us look at our environment and see
more clearing where we need work internally.

In my practice of Feng Shui I use these principles to help you clear the obstructions
and obsticles that prevent you from achieving your personal goals.

To me Feng Shui is not so much about moving your couch to create better flow, which
of course we can do, but it is about realizing why you chose to put that couch in a
place that blocks the energy in that paticular part of your life and what we can do together to help you shift this pattern.

As Feng Shui practitioners, it is our job to help you harness this vital life force in order to maximize the wonderful and positive effects it can bestow. With this practice, we are able to direct our fate in a positive way.

Additional Aspects to consider in your environment;

Numerology - What is the vibration of your home
Is your home to yang an environment?
Are you often stressed at work and tired when you get home?
When you come home does it feel good to be there?
While working are you able to focus clearing and concentrate well?
Are relationships good between yourself and family members or co-workers
Does the workday go quickly?
Are you receiving the recognition you deserve?

If you have answered no to more than 3 of the above a feng shui consultation may be just what you need.

When Can Feng Shui Help?

Sometimes we are unable to see the simplest things about our own lives.

A Feng Shui consultant is trained to look at the environments around you to help you focus your intent and to see those little changes that can turn a river of energy into an ocean. With the use of the organizing principle known as the Bagua we are able to look at different aspects of your life in relation to the elements of your home, land or business. This can be done in one room, the whole house or business. The rooms in which you spend the most time are the most important, typically, the bedroom, office and kitchen. With Bagua as a map we look into 9 areas of your life. They are as follows:

Career and Life Journey: Are you fulfilled by your job or occupation? Is your life's journey flowing in the way you would like it to?

Helpful People: Do you have friends you can rely on in a crisis? Do you feel you have guides or angels to give you support? Do you give up some of your time to help others?

Children & Creativity: Do you have a good relationship with your children? With your internal child? Does your creativity flow as you would like it to?

Relationships: Do you have a good relationship with your partner, friends and colleagues? Would you like to lead a more active social life? Do you listen to your own intuition or do you look outside to others for answers?

Fame: Are you known as you would like to be known? Do you feel fulfilled, or are you looking for something more in life?

Wealth: How often do you feel blessed with good fortune? What are the patterns of your money flow?

Family: Do you have a good relationship with your parents? Do you have a meaningful relationship with your siblings?

Knowledge: Do you meditate, pray or spend quiet time with yourself? Do you have a spiritual element in your life?

Health: Do you enjoy good health? Do you have as much energy and vitality as you would like?

Feng Shui Ceremonies:

Sealing the Doors This ritual is recommended when there may be difficulties that are threatening the space from the outside such as robberies, natural disasters, water problems, jealousies, etc. It can also be used to ward off evil and protects from curses. This process involves the use of realgar and liquor and is performed in combination with mantras, mudras and visualizations.

Author's Bio: 

Much of my studies have been rooted in Shamanic Buddhism. Many of the techniques I use were taught to me in the traditional (oral) way of being passed
down by practice and observation through my Mother, Father and Grandmother. I share these techniques and gifts with you in hopes of bringing you the clarity
and the healing that you desire.In over 15 years of practicing as a professional I have cleared hundreds of spaces, helped many businesses to prosper and many people to heal their homes and themselves mentally, spiritually and physically.