I have to be honest that if a few years back someone had asked me the Webster’s definition for the word, I’d of fumbled around with the true meaning. If you Google it you will come up with a variety of definitions which incompass the word. Integrity to me is being a man of my word, period. I am careful with what I say because I have to always answer to my own integrity. I’m sure many would be surprised how often we “fall short” of living with integrity.

Now I am not saying that the majority have a lack of it, but that many would be surprised if they actually brought it to their conscious level with all that was said on a daily basis. I would like to use an example here to depict where I am going with this. I have on numerous occassions told my daughter to not leave her television and lights on in her room when she is not in her room. Those of you who are parents can probably relate strongly to this or something similar. It still happens from time to time, though much less than previously. Is she living with integrity if she has promised me or her mother time and time again that she would remember next time? Hold that thought. I can recall my children bringing up to me on a number of occasions that I told them I would take them for ice cream at some point if they behaved, and did not come through. Was I living with integrity?

Lets be open and honest to ourselves. We, for argument sake, could mention to the fact that its not a “big deal” with regards to the story I’ve laid out above. I also could say the same for lying. Is it a white lie, a bad lie, or who seperates the difference. A white lie could affect one person entirely different than another. My point being here is we are only in control of ourselves and no one else. I am less “in control” of my daughter with what I say to her as opposed to what she sees me do day in and day out. If I am not living a life and holding true integrity high on my list as a person, than I should never expect my children to do what I can’t. We have all heard that about our children seeing and knowing way more than we give them credit for. I ask each of you as I have to myself, to not be selfish and juggle over what is a big deal or isn’t when it comes to Integrity. Begin making strides to live a life by honoring your word, regardless of its eminence. People are watching!!!

Now go out there and Make it the Best Day Ever!!!!

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My name is Scott Coletti, a physician, author, and internet entrepreneur. I am a Leader in the Plan-B-Pros and Life Path Unlimited Industry. I assist those who want to lead as well. I am married with four beautiful and healthy children and reside in Belleair, Florida.