Have you ever really thought about it? I mean, what is normal? I can guarantee you if I were to interview ten random people from different backgrounds, I’d get some various degree of differences. Over the past three or four years I have been on a journey, so to speak, in finding me and my intentions in this world. I assure you if you were to ask me what was normal back then compared to now there would have been drastic differences. I learn and expand upon new knowledge every day, though not essentially searching for any one thing but, to lift myself up and keep me up. I realized that in order to live life at a “higher plane”, it wasn’t accomplished by reading one “how to” book. We create our own “normal” in our lives. This does not take any effort or sacrifice at all. We are able to choose what is normal in our life in order to allow it to manifest.

This may sound “deep” to many, but I can assure you I am not the only one that lives and thinks this way. I challenge you to ask yourself the question, and write down your answers on a piece of paper. Then read them to yourself. What does it sound like? Is it depressing? Does it make you smile? Do you wish your “normal” was different? These are questions you will need to ask yourself and open yourself to true self-realization. That “normal” that you have written down, is exactly what you created for yourself and will never change unless you simply write down what you would want your “normal” to be. Then you will read this new “normal” to yourself daily and begin to actually watch your life change before your eyes. This is not voodoo, this is how successful people became and stay successful. Now remember I said this does not take any force or exertion on your part, only creating a simple change in your mind from what you thought was normal to what you want to be normal in your life.

Napolean Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, one of the best-selling self-help books of all time, believed that a change in prosperity consciousness began with creating a “new normal”. One can never grow and prosper until they begin to paint a picture of what it is they want and desire and from that point begin to perceive it as normalcy in their life. I encourage you to go out now and create “a normal life”, only I hope you have a different take on it. Let me know, I’d love to hear about your changes in life.

Make it the Best Day Ever!!

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My name is Scott Coletti, a physician, author, and internet entrepreneur. I am a Leader in the Plan-B-Pros and Life Path Unlimited Industry. I assist those who want to lead as well. I am married with four beautiful and healthy children and reside in Belleair, Florida.