Press Releases are a vital part of any marketing any business. Almost every business owner recognizes the importance of advertising, but this can often be a double-edged sword – an advertising campaign can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars, possibly more money than it brings in.

Great press release marketing can give you an alternative avenue for marketing that is potentially both more effective and more credible to your audience.

The best part? It’s completely free!

Submitting a press release to a local newspaper and/or TV station doesn’t cost you a penny. If your press release is chosen by a journalist, they will take care of all the costs of creating and publishing a story on your business for you.

When a journalist writes a story based on your press release, they’re effectively developing a brand new marketing scheme for you. In order to succeed, they need to make your business as interesting a possible to their readers – your future audience.

In return, you receive a large section of programming in TV or print reserved for your business. People are more likely to read or watch a story than an ad or commercial, because they trust that a reporter isn’t trying to sell a product. And because of this, they are also more likely to trust the source of the report.

All of this works for you – but what’s the catch?

It can be very hard for a press release to break through and become a story. Because they are free, a lot of businesses submit press releases on their every development. Any reporter’s desk is cluttered with new press releases every morning, and it can be very hard to make your press release stand out from the pack.

That’s where MMI comes in.

As media veterans, we know exactly how to get your article placed on the top of every local journalist’s desk. We both write and title articles in just the right way to catch any reporter’s eye.

We know what reporters and editors look for in stories. We know how to find the most interesting angle to any story with your business. We know just who to talk to in every newspaper, and radio and TV station near you.

At MMI, we specialize in getting the most bang for your buck with inexpensive, yet effective advertising. Press releases are the best example of this: we can write, promote and submit your press release for you – and we’ll get great results.

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