The Intent community is extremely important to us because you all are what keeps the website going. One of our goals is to be able to visibly identify our community members and acknowledge what you contribute to the site.

Thus, to further fuel our revamped YouTube channel, we want to feature YOUR photos (Yes, YOU!) on our next "What Is Your Intent?" video. We love your intents, we love your photo on your profile, so we thought - why not put them together and make it a video?

To make this a success, we ask for your help and contribution.

Here's what we ask of you:
a.) Think of an intent.
b.) Write it legibly on a white board or a sheet of paper. For those of you in different countries, go ahead and write the name of the city and country from which you are writing your intent!
c.) Take a picture of yourself holding your intent. Remember to smile!
d.) Send it to Make sure to include your name and your username in the email so we know who you are!

Here is an idea of what we're going for:

We look forward to your photos!

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