It’s just not that easy!

As we start to move forward into this New Year, the magazine racks are full of articles that promise you how easy it can be to lose weight, how easy you can turn your career around, as well as countless eye popping topics that prey on your subconscious mind.

The reason they write those articles is because they know that now more than any other time of the year, people are not only looking for change, they want that change to be as easy as possible. So what happens? The gyms get jammed with people, stores sell more exercise clothes then ever, and more and more people are buying fruit and vegetables at the grocery store.

Then, by mid to late February, everything returns back to normal for most. Why? Because it was not as easy as they thought it would be. The truth is, nothing we want in life is that easy, but the things we choose to work at are quite scary. I know more people that have either an iphone or a Blackberry and with amazing accuracy do a million different things on those phones, why is that? I will tell you why, because they spent countless hours working on them to make sure they knew everything they could to get the most out of them. Not a bad thing at all I would think. But what makes me sad is this question that lingers in mind: Why wouldn’t you spend that much time on taking care of yourself?

When did learning how your iphone works became more important then learning how you work. It did when it was easier to work on your phone applications than to work on your life applications. For $1.99 we can download an application for just about anything, and over time we will spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on that, but would balk and hesitate when someone asks you to attend a seminar for $500 dollars. The words would sound something like this, “Oh that is a lot of money let me think about that.”

In our world today, when faced with a challenge -- we don’t look for the best solution, we all too often look for the easiest one. That may fix the problem, but only short term. We can buy meals already prepared for us, buy clothes that do not need to be ironed, and we can lose weight without diet and exercise. Life is just not that easy.

We can add all the components we want to make us think it can be done the easy way. But time and time again history will show us that hard work, common sense and a commitment to a cause will lead us to the promise land.

I challenge you all to pick just one thing, just one. And stay committed to it for all of 2010 not just a few months, then you will truly understand that it may not be easy but well worth they effort.

Remember be positive, be real and live your life In The Zone.

Author's Bio: 

David F. Muraco is a certified life coach, motivator and radio talk show host who lives in Oneida. In 2004 he founded "In The Zone", a business dedicated to helping people reach their goals. To contact David, email him at or visit his website at