Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is an ancient Japanese Healing method used centuries ago to help bring the body back into balance. Thankfully, a man named Dr. Mikao Usui rediscovered this wonderful healing art form and, with the help of his direct descendants, brought it to the United States where it is used nationwide—both privately as well as in area hospitals.

Reiki is a non-intrusive healing method that is administered with hands on and/or hands right above the body, depending on the client’s comfort level. I often hear questions about the similarities of Reiki and massage therapy, and although there are health benefits to both, Reiki takes it a step further and works not just physically but also emotionally and spiritually.

The Reiki practitioner has been through an attunement process that allows them to channel the universal energy (Ki or Chi) found in all living things to the client for as little or as much as they want on any given day. The client is ultimately in control of his or her own healing session. Some people are ready to let go of their pain and feel well, while others find more comfort, believe it or not, with their pain instead of processing through the blocks that have caused the pain and/or disease in the first place.

With Reiki, a client will stay fully clothed, and unlike massage therapy, there is no tissue manipulation. Reiki strictly works on the Chi within and around the body. A Reiki session balances out the imbalances one feels within ones own body due to ailments. The ailments can range anywhere from a simple headache, depression, fatigue, emotional trauma to cancer. Reiki has no limitations and can work on the simplest of things to the most complex of diseases. Disease settles into the body when we—as Reiki practitioners say—the body is in dis-ease. Simply put, not at ease. Depending on the severity of the ailment, more or less Reiki treatments will be necessary to bring the body back to wholeness. Your cells have a memory and Reiki helps your body’s cells remember complete wellness/wholeness. Today Reiki is used in hospitals nationwide for both pre-op and post-op for quicker recovery time.

There is a lot to learn about Reiki; I have been studying for years and I still enjoy learning new things each and every day. If there are more questions you have regarding Reiki, please feel free to contact me directly at 413.250.0455 or email –

Mary-Anne DiBlasio is a Reiki Master/Teacher and Co-founder of Western Mass Wellness, llc located in West Springfield, MA since 1999.
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CEO, Reiki Master/Teacher, Chakra Balancing Instructor, Crystal Healing Therapy Instructor, Custom Healing Jewelry Designer, Reality Coach, EFT Practitioner, Authorized Natures Inventory Distributor, Authorized Northern Edge Distributor, Member Western Mass Eldercare Professionals Association, Mentor - ACCGS - Women's Partnership.

Mary-Anne has retired from the regular 9-5 to dedicate her full time efforts towards her passion, her Wellness Center started back in 1999. A Sales & Marketing Professional by trade, she has
served many communities, from manufacturing to the medical field. She started her spiritual journey in her late 20’s and it has truly blossomed from there. She was diagnosed with severe
endometriosis, explored alternative options for healing, and the rest, as they say, is history. She knew at that time her life would be dedicated to helping others. Showing others what she had been shown. Letting them know, there are more natural options for healing.