For anyone who intends to blog to make money it is important that they are aware as to what to expect on the journey ahead. It is very true that the technical aspects of blogging are not as challenging as those of managing websites. The flip side to this as a result is the entry barriers are much lower therefore if you are blogging to make money you are facing more competition. You see the fact of the matter is that a money making blog does not just materialize overnight. It is actually the end result of much diligence and effort that is sustained over a considerable period of time.

If you expect to get paid to blog there are certain 'realities' you will want to know to be better prepared for the road ahead.

Your Blog is NOT a Traffic Magnet

Launching your blog is not enough to attract the traffic you will want or need to earn an income. It is true that with every post you can ping the search engines to notify them of new content added to you site. One important thing to note here is if your blog does not already contain a lot of content new readers will likely not return.

In the infancy stages of your blog you will have to be more aggressive and employ various traffic generation techniques to call attention to your site.

Posting Will Attract Traffic … However

It sure will along with employing a lot of different traffic generation techniques. Your content will be what keeps visitors satisfied once they are at your site but do not rely upon it to be your sole source of traffic. If you do both you and your blog are going to be very lonely in your tiny section of the blogosphere.

Blogs Are 'High Maintenance'

Consider your blog a living 'entity' that survives and thrives the more it is fed fresh content. Guess what, you are to be the one who will be responsible for supplying that content and the more the better. Are you up to the task? If you want to get paid to blog you better be!

Blogging Takes Little Time or Effort

Blogging is not complicated but in fact rather simple to do however it does require time and effort on your behalf to sufficiently maintain the site. The more willing you are to continually develop and supply useful information to your readers the more willing they will be to return.

Making Money Takes Time

A money making blog is the result of much effort consistently invested into it over a period of time. As your readers begin to appreciate the quality content you are supplying them you can then begin to effectively promote or advertise to them.

The points we just covered here were not intended to discourage you from your plans to blog to make money. These points were discussed to simply make you more aware of what to expect along the way so you will not be blindsided or surprised. Blogging to make money can be a lot of fun but to be really successful like in anything else it helps to love what you do. As mentioned above a money making blog does not just rise from the ashes overnight but is instead methodically assembled over a period of time. Being you are the chief architect this will mean a good investment of your time, effort and patience. If you love what you do it will be reflected in your content and people will see that. In the end this is why they will visit your site and also how and why you will get paid to blog.

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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