All the best for you upcoming event! Have you planned out all the aspects of the event? Apart from food, venue and drinks, you also need a good DJ. Not all events need a DJ, however. Do you know whether your event will need a DJ or not?

Various agencies offer services of DJ hire in Sydney. Finding a reputed and reliable DJ can be quite a challenge. You will need to know whether your event needs a DJ and how to find a good one. The only way you can do that is if you have an idea about both.


Many events need some music to make the event interesting and lively, but not all. If you call in a DJ for an event where live music is not needed or worse, not suited, you could be on the path of a disaster. The opposite also stands to be true. If you do not call a DJ for an event that needs one, then you will have a boring event on your hand. Here are some events that require a top grade and reliable DJ:

  • Event Calls for a Master of Ceremonies (MC)
  • A DJ, if experienced and reliable, can be an amazing MC for your event. So, if you have an event, where crowd interaction is needed, then you should look for a DJ with a smart and attention-grabbing personality. He/she will be able to double as an MC and save you the cost of hiring a separate one.

  • Event that Lasts for a Long Time, maybe from Day to Night
  • Some events last all night long! If you are organizing such an event, you would need an able DJ. They must be able to read the type of crowd present at the event during different times. For example, in the afternoon and early evening you might have teens, while late into the night the crowd is going to have adults. The DJ will need to keep a watch on these aspects and play tunes according to the crowd.

  • Events that Involve Numerous Song & Tune Requests
  • Are you organizing an event, where songs requests can just fly in? Even if, there is the slightest possibility, you would need an experienced DJ. The DJ should have not hundreds, but much more on his/her playlist. An experienced DJ will make it a point to get hundreds of songs from numerous genres. This gives them the ability to play as many songs as possible and cater to all the requests of the guests. Even if they do not have the exact song, they will definitely be able to play a song from the same genre and same artist.


Once you have ascertained that a DJ is needed for your event, you will need to ensure that the DJ is good enough to create a happening event. Here are some pointers to help you with that:

  • The DJ should have a history of early arrival. Setting up all the equipment can be time consuming.
  • The DJ should be a fill-time DJ, this means that they take their job seriously. A part-time DJ have other things to pay attention to.
  • The DJ should have prior history of being a Master of Ceremonies (MC), otherwise you will end up spending more money on a separate MC.

When all of these aspects have been checked out, you will find a reputed DJ for your event. If you hire a DJ from a good agency, then you need not worry about these aspects. This is because they are bound to be experts and experienced, otherwise, the agencies would not have hired them. Contact these agencies and create a lively event, for all to remember.

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