When water is stirred up, it’s hard to see the bottom.

When it settles, finally we can see the leaves, twigs, branches, stones, or even fish bones…

The same goes for the light of awareness. Once the Truth or light of presence is recognized as the all-pervading reality, separation begins to collapse. With the collapse, those thoughts, behaviors, and situations born from separateness begin to fade.

The keyword is “begin..”.

Yes, this means that there is a journey.

…this is when the fun starts.

You are not truly awake until you begin to take the deep journey within to see clearly and fully the aspects of yourself that are suffering.

This is why many people turn around or get stuck on the path, and choose to return to the “safe” world of form, where it is much easier to suppress, ignore, distract, react and continue living in ignorance.

However, once awakening catches hold of you, there is no turning back. You’ll have to go all the way through the fire of your suffering.

As separation collapses, one absolutely must recognize that separation was and is impersonal in the first place.

When the very intense energies of separation or suffering begin to arise, they are coming to be seen and accepted by you once and for all.

When you push them away, you are pushing the awakening away.

This is God, or light trying to come to you in disguise as a break-up, death or loss, or hatred, or resentment or grief.

They are all aspects of you, and of course not who you are.

This can be a slippery slope if the light of awareness doesn’t abide with these energies, because the mind will absolutely attempt to hijack them back into storyland, back into the personal world, into the world of relativity and form.

However, at a certain point, the fight becomes aimless and it is realized that trying to fix, run away, or improve the situation no longer works. Because these “problems” or energies do not want to be fixed. They don’t want you to save them, or to save your self, with a better situation, person, condition, financial situation, or emotion.

They don’t want that.

These energies want to be with you. They want you to allow them to be here. They want you to expose them. I know this isn’t the same feeling as getting your favorite Christmas gift in the morning! However, they do want you to allow them to transcend in the light of your presence.

This is very important that you are able to read within these words what is being said because on this path it is inevitable that at one point or another a form of courage or even clarity will be necessary.

The courage to stay and not flee. To listen and not yell. To embrace and not push away.

So here you have it.

Stay with the energy – not the story.

Try not to resist it with distractions, or cover it up with words and conversations. Just be with it as it arises.
Let it come.
Let it stay.
Let it compost if it’s ready.
Let it transcend.
Let it release.

Author's Bio: 

Kasia Jarosinska is a certified Kundalini yoga instructor and writer living in San Diego, CA. She has been published in local lifestyle magazines, Eco-living publications, and international fashion magazines.