What’s Cooking in Your Soul? Use Vibration Cooking
Often, I question what is stirring within my soul, directing my life. Do you feel lost? Are you seeking to find a clear direction? Is it time for you to leave your 9-to-5 job and seek your soul’s fulfillment or fulfill your heart’s desire? Do you feel that if only you could find that one “secret ingredient,” you would be able to succeed with your plans? Search no more. I can tell you where to find the secret ingredient to your life’s desires. It lies within your soul. It may be locked away by years of hurt and pain, but if you dig deep enough and learn how to rid yourself of the negative energy and forgive past experiences in your life, you will be able to uncover what you desire.
Stir up the passions of your meaning and purpose of your life. What’s Cooking in Your Soul? will help you to analyze your life and all of the relationships and situations within it. Are you being placed in situations that make you angry or stressed? Is the temperature of your life too hot? Alternatively, are you feeling left behind and out-of-date, allowing your temperature to become ice cold? Have you stayed too long in one place and allowed your soul to become overdone and stale? Is your life that of a cookie cutter person or have you allowed yourself to become the true vision of what God intended you to be? What’s cooking in your soul at this moment?
Are you in a similar situation to the one that I was in? Were you married for the majority of your adult life, only to file for divorce? Have you looked for love in all of the wrong places, only to find disappointment and heartbreak? Be honest with yourself and look at the needs of your soul. Imagine that you have a mirror that reflects, not your outside image, but the needs and desires of your soul. Do you like what you see? These needs and desires are often, unknowingly, portrayed through your life and shown in glaring light to those around you. Is there someone in your life at whom you can simply glance and see what they need and desire?
I am the mother of six wonderful adult children. Growing up, each had his or her own trials and still does. They experience rebellious actions, drug addictions, and tribulations. Take a bowl and spoon and use your imagination. Then stir in your favorite ingredients and then read the real life stories within this book. Allow them to rise and use the oven of your soul to bake the ingredients with healing, insight, empowerment, inspiration, grace, ease, abundance, prosperity, health, happiness, and success. My dear, using these tools will help your mind increase the abundance of what you desire in your life. You use this spiritual practice as a form of meditation and journaling by putting your inner thoughts on paper.
Are you working a job that you do not enjoy? Are you ready to climb the ladder to the top or do you want to stay at the bottom wishing for something greater? Sugar and spice are so very nice. When added to your life, my dear, they will make everything all right. Blended with your right intentions, efforts, and thoughts, you can stir up all that God has in store for you. Be open to receiving the good that He is sending your way. From the book, What’s Cooking in Your Soul? employing Vibration Cooking daily!

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Dr.Carol Batey author of seven books, owner of Vibration Cooking is committed to spreading information about how one can improve and renew the purpose of one's soul by providing live coaching,workshops and assisting anyone who desires her help!