Are you looking to get back into shape after having a baby or babies? Baby joggers are the easiest solution for your busy mother needs. Not only is it good for you to get out into the sunshine for a walk or jog, but it’s good for the baby, too.
But how to choose among the many baby joggers on the market is the real question — there are quite a few out there, and it can get confusing! Here is a quick guide to helping you select the right baby joggers for your newly expanded family.
Choose According to Wheel Size
There are typically four different wheel sizes to choose from, and the sizes do matter depending on the type of walker/jogger/runner that you are. Additionally, depending on the stroller, they can be interchangeable if you are planning on building up (or back up) to becoming a serious runner. The sizes to choose from vary from 12” to 24”/20” (front/back).
• 12” wheels: Ideal for speed walkers. Also good for mall walking and sidewalks.
• 16” wheels: Better for people who like to walk and run, or who need to mix it up — they are studier for bumpy surfaces, and the larger wheels glide over sand and snow a bit better than their smaller counterparts.
• 20” wheels: This is a good size if you’re a serious runner and you want to take your baby or babies on unpaved trails.
• 24”/20” wheels: This is the ideal front/back combination for serious runners as you can take these baby joggers anywhere, and they are easy to push.
If you’re looking to become a serious runner, either find baby joggers that allow for you to interchange wheels, or start out right away with the 24”20” wheels. If not, then the 12” and 16” wheels will do just fine. I suggest trying the Baby Trend Jogger, it is what I own and I love it.
Choose Materials
When looking at baby joggers that will be right for you and your baby, have a look at the materials. Are they stain-proof, weatherproof, and otherwise a comfortable material to be near your baby’s skin? Is the seat padded and does it allow for sweat-wicking in case of a warm day? Sweat sticking to your baby’s body can lead to rashes — examine the materials carefully and make sure they will agree with that sensitive baby skin.
Choose Seat Capacity
This may seem obvious to mothers, but it should be mentioned. If you have twins or triplets, make sure your baby joggers will accommodate all of them safely. Make sure the seats are large enough to ensure comfort, but the harnesses are adjustable to ensure no roll-outs.

Extras to Consider
Other things you may want to consider when choosing baby joggers are what kind of holders they have — will they accommodate a diaper bag and a water bottle? What convenience features do they have that will make life easier for you when you go out for a run?
Enjoy the search for baby joggers, and choose the one that’s best for you. If you are not sure, check out the Baby Trend Travel System. It has all the bell and whistles.

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My wife and I are new parents and we have purchased and tested many different baby products. Come check out our blog and join us on our journey through parenthood.