“The secret to my success is that I bit off more than I could chew and chewed as fast as I could.” Paul Hogan

“You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” Eleanor Roosevelt

“The only way to the Place beyond Fear is to do the thing you fear most. This is how to surrender to your best destiny.” Martha Beck

Thinking it Through

This weekend I went to a terrifying and wonderful seminar. Terrifying, because for three days I was forced to do the one thing that has always scared me most... SELL. I love teaching, coaching, listening but when it comes to asking for money I have a truck-load of beliefs holding me back. So here I was, forced to face my fear head-on. The first day I was sure I would lose the breakfast I didn't have. That evening I knew exactly the beliefs I needed to shift.  I pulled out the tools I've learned to change those beliefs and got to work. The next day I begin to enjoy the process in a sick sort of way. More limiting beliefs showed their ugly little faces and that evening I worked through those. By the third day I was almost having fun with the selling process. I started to see it in a different light as I wrapped it in a soft blanket of service.
The whole weekend was a reminder that the quickest way to get past self-sabotage and fear is to face it. Jump in that fire and your limiting beliefs will fly in your face. You won't have to wonder what is stopping you. You will know!  When you know, you can get the help you need to change those beliefs and move towards your dreams with freedom.


1. Are you stuck in an area of your life?

2. What can you do to jump into the fear?

3. When you do this, what limiting beliefs show up?

4. Write down those limiting beliefs and get help to change them.

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