You become fed up with your old mobile and want to buy a new phone with advanced features like S9. If you are using the branded mobile for the first time, then you can face many problems. Most of the people want to transfer their old files, apps settings to the new android mobile which they can handle easily. There is a manual way for switching android mobile but transferring all the data from one phone to another is a tiresome task.

To secure your videos, photos, apps and contacts you are ready to do anything, but what is the best solution to transfer everything from the old phone to a new one?

Transferring data from your old iPhone to a brand new S9 plus is very difficult but dr.fone switch make the task easy by using automatic way. This method is very effective and less stressful than the manual process.

dr.fone toolkit:

dr.fone toolkit is developed by Wondershare, one of the most famous technological enterprise of the world. dr. fone is the latest and world's leading software. It provides a complete set of solution to all the problems related to iOS phones and android. dr. fone has the trust and support of the million users across the globe. With an experience of more than 10 years, dr.fone is providing different tools with proper upgrading.

In dr.fone software, different functions and useful tools are packaged into a single toolkit. dr.fone toolkit is one of the best mobile phone programs with different effective features. The user can easily transfer the data or backup the files between two android phones or from phone to window.

dr.fone switch:

dr.fone toolkit has dr.fone switch with multiple utilities. It is an effective alternative to the tiresome copy and paste process. With the use of the switch module of dr.fone, switching to the new android phone can be done successfully. dr.fone is providing a phone to phone transfer switch for android, mac and window. It transfers calls, logs, text messages, calendar, contacts, videos, music, app data and settings. Even you can easily transfer the content from an iOS device to android phone, although both the phones are with different operating system. The user has to connect two devices like running android, window phone or iOS to transfer the data quickly. Within few seconds you can shift all your information from iPhone 8 plus to Galaxy S9. It is the Best Samsung Smart Switch Alternative to Make Phone Transfer. dr fone switch read and transfer the content from old device to new one. The transfer process is completed without rewriting the data, so the personal data is not stored in any type of cloud or software.

This switch is compatible with both windows and mac OS. It is supported by various phones. You can easily use this switch for more than 6000 smartphones and tablets. It can easily run on the brands like google, apple, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Vivo, Xiaomi, OPPO, LG and Sony.

Main features of dr.fone switch:

● It's a simple, fast and easy way to transfer the content.
● It is reliable and safe with zero hacks and zero data loss.
● It transfers the data between two devices having different operating system. For example from iOS to android.
● To run the latest iOS 11, it supports different iOS devices.
● It supports more than 8000 android devices. It is compatible with all models of iPad, iPod and iPhone.
● it can easily transfer different format of the photos from one device to another like gif, png, tif, bmp, jpg.
● You can get back up of all the lost data with detail effective scanning methods of this power toolkit.
● It can transfer various notes, files and contacts within few seconds.

How to use and Transfer Everything from Phone to Phone?

First you have to download the dr.fone switch. Install and launch the program, then select ''switch'' among the modules (i.e. recover, transfer, repair, erase, switch, backup and restore, unlock and root) on the home screen of the dr.fone program.

With the use of a USB cable, connect the two devices which are required for data transfer.

When both the devices are connected, one will be appeared as a source and other as a destination. You can use flip option to change their position. On the interface of the dr.fone software, you can see the copy option at the center of the two phones. Select the content which you want to copy to destination phone from the source phone. Uncheck the files which are useless and start the transfer.

The phones should remain connected until the transfer process is completed.

Within few minutes, all the content (text messages, call logs, calendar, photos etc.) will be successfully copied to the new phone. You can also see total transfer files and failed items for better analysis.


dr.fone switch worth every single penny. Within 15- 30 minutes, it transfers all the contacts, messages, photos and videos without losing the files. The automatic transfer process is secure to copy and transfer any type of file. It is the most reliable tool which is compatible with more than 8000 mobile devices. It is a fast mean for successful transfer. Choose the clear data before copy option to delete the data from the source phone before transferring it to the target phone. If you face any problem, take help from the articles related to tips and tricks on the dr.fone website.

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