I have heard so many different arguments and discussions on Automatic Article Submitter, and all seem to come from different directions. Some say that it is one of the best tools ever invented while others claim it is a rip-off and doesn't work like it should. In this article we will look at some benefits and problems that come from using it as a viable resource.

Like anything that is made by man it is not perfect, and soon after buying the product I found a few quirks that kept me from submitting any articles. I seem to struggle from the beginning with problems registering my e-mail with all the sites, log in problems, and I kept getting error warnings that would pop up constantly while I was trying to spin the articles. At fist I was very frustrated, and like anyone who is frustrated I wanted answers and I wanted them now. I sent Milan, the inventor, a few e-mails hoping he would show me how to fix the problems, but he never responded. I watched all his videos, and read the manual, but nothing seemed to fix the problem. So I journeyed onto the internet hoping to find answers, but I seemed to only find more questions.

On multiple blogs I found people having the same problems that I had. People were complaining about wanting refunds, not being able to spin the articles properly, and of course Milan not responding. After hours of searching online I had not found anyone who could give me answers to my problems. I was even more frustrated. I had seen videos of the Article Submitter working properly, and I knew that if I could only figure out what the issues were then it would be very beneficial to use. However, there in lies the problem. How could I fix it if I couldn't find anyone willing to help me, and I had only had it for a day.

I am not one to give up so easily, and even though it seemed very un-fixable I decided in my mind that if it was being used by people out there than it could be used by me. I spent 16 hours in a row that day doing nothing but trying over and over again to figure it out, and finally I did. After repeatedly running into problems after problems I began to see the madness of the machine, and with that behind me success was in my reach.

The answer to most of the problems and why I couldn't find a solution in Milan's videos was simple...they were outdated. Milan admits he updates the submitter every 10 days or so. Well, with that in mind I realized that what I was watching in his videos wasn't necessarily what I needed to be doing on his submitter. I was having trouble logging in because Milan said on his video that I needed to make sure my information was the same on the registration page as it was on my c-panel...this was incorrect. He had already made the submitter transfer all the information that was needed and I just had to click okay instead of trying to make it look the same. His videos were mistaken only because they were posted over a year ago.

The log in problems was the next task to overcome, but I quickly realized that it had nothing to do with the submitter. The article directories were putting up all sorts of security features on there sites that prohibited a lot of automatic registries so they had to be manually entered. This obviously took a while, but I broke it up in small portions (while I was submitting articles to the sites ready to go) and it took me 4 days to set up the rest. Once this feature was operational there was only one problem left to figure out.

While spinning the articles I would get a warning message that would pop up hundreds of times during the spinning. It would drive me nuts and I couldn't figure it out for the life of me. However, one day I happened to notice that it wasn't popping up at all. After taking a moment to think it out I realized that it was my web browser that was causing the problem. The submitter already had a search engine installed in the program, and for some reason it wouldn't coexist with the submitter while I had my web browser on. When I exited out of my web browser it ran perfectly without any problems.

As soon as all the problems were fixed I realized that Automatic Article Submitter was well worth the money. It allowed me to communicate with thousands of people across a vast network of article directories, and without it there would be no way for me to do that. The problems that I faced were nothing compared to the benefits I received when it began to work properly. This was all accomplished because I decided in my mind that no matter what I would not give up, and I didn't. Now I am reaping the reward. As far as Milan is concerned, he never did write me back, but who could blame him. With a product like this I am sure he spends most of his time laying on the beach somewhere in Italy. Thanks a million.

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