What’s Your Attitude?

Lets talk about your Attitude……

Whether you know your Life Purpose or not, how you approach life through your behaviours and your ATTITUDE is key to being happy and living in the moment.

Life is never a bed of roses. To appreciate the good times, we have to know bad times and vice versa. We all know that life is a “journey” and that we will all be thrown obstacles all of the way along. Much of what we encounter is seemingly out of our control or is it?

It’s how we react to events that maketh a man.

If you take the analogy that knowing our Purpose is our through line, the truest part of us which remains with us through out our lives and is never accomplished or accomplish-able – it’s the constant. We may deviate slightly throughout the days, but if we are conscious of our Purpose and true to it and ourselves, we can bring ourselves back in alignment.

It’s all well and good knowing what our Life Purpose is – it is the key element of course – but if we know it but don’t live it we will feel pushed around in life and uncomfortable or perhaps just simply miserable, unhappy and unfulfilled.

If we have a good ATTITUDE to life, the world responds. We need to know what our Attitudes are. We are after all a reflection of what we put out. You first have to give.

If you want happiness, be happy.

If you smile at someone, you will receive a smile.

If you ask someone round for a meal to your house, more often than not you will receive an invitation back.

On the reverse, if you are miserable, lethargic and energy sapping, you will receive the same back over time. People will eventually desert you.

It’s through bitter experience that I have come to know that to enjoy an amazing life of fulfilment that it involves being with people and engaging with people in some positive way. This is truly the most spiritual way to live life.

It might simply be with a very small group of people, or through a business, your family, charity or your job that you choose to engage – that’s your choice and not for anyone else to judge.

But it’s not that easy to change your behaviours and your attitude over night and it can be quite scary to try new things and we fear ridicule from others who might want to keep us down. We may even feel strange in ourselves making positive changes.

First you need to establish how you want the world to respond to you, and everyone is different. Then you need to know how to gradually bring these new behaviours in to practice.

It’s proven that it takes 28 days to form a new habit.

What’s missing in your life? Work this out GIVE your way to GETTING it. It’s a natural law of the universe that what you give you will receive.

If you don’t believe me, just walk up to a stranger and offer your hand – you will be offered a hand back.

In Part 2 of the Living On Purpose Program™, Richard Jacobs gives you the tools to name your ATTITUDES and fun exercises to easily make the changes to become new habits over 28 days.

This is AS IMPORTANT as knowing Your Purpose. After all, knowing and living are two different things.

“To know and not to do is not to know!”

Let Richard Jacobs help you to change your life for the better and break free from your old habits that hold you back from enjoying life to the full.

Change your Attitude and your world will change with you.

It’s fun and amazing when you do!

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Author's Bio: 

My name is Richard Jacobs. I have had the privilege of coaching over 100,000 people in seminars and workshops. One of these seminars.... probably life's most important question was turned into a book - "What's Your Purpose? Seven Questions to find your answer". I developed a whole system to find and live your Purpose with follow up programs - how to create the Attitude that most makes you sing and the Means to achieve your goals while keeping a smile on your face.
This programme has created amazing results for people. Finding their Purpose brings them clarity, confidence, joy, improves their relationships and brings them greater success. It's a life-changer.
I have recently turned the 7 questions of Purpose into an online programme available to affiliates to market and I've teamed up with an expert in creating more programmes making my material more widely available.
I have delivered seminars to up to 1,000 people at a time and also work with multinational companies such as Google, Procter & Gamble and many others to help them develop theor people snd improve their cultures.
I have been in the self-improvement industry for 16 years and am based in the UK.
My purpose is to generate enlightened living.
All my material is my own. It's unique, refreshing and extremely effective. It works for all age groups and crosses all cultural and religious boundaries. It's also got a sense of humour.
I am set up to help people through webinars and personal interaction through my support team.