I was recently driving in my car with my wife as a passenger. We came upon a bicyclist riding on the side of the road. He was looking for his share of the road on the same side I was driving. In the past I know that I would have been less sensitive to the cyclist. I would have looked to hurry by him, or even perhaps make a few derogatory comments about his being on the road. However, now in my life is different. The woman sitting beside me in the car is also a cyclist. I thought of how that person on the bike could be her. Certainly I would want a person driving a car to be considerate of her right to be on the road as I was being to this cyclist. I thought to myself how things change for a person when they look at a situation from a different perspective.

A couple of my clients challenged me recently to introduce them to material that would allow them to tap into their higher energy levels. When I had first started working with them, I had shared with them the availability of seven different energetic perspectives to which all of us can look at any situation we encounter. Many clients are content to live their life in the anabolic ranges that are focused on looking at things either through a rational or a concern for others viewpoint. Others may even further want to reach a level of opportunist where they look to make situations “win-win” for all involved in an endeavor. However, there are very few that want to touch into the levels of visionary and creator.

In preparing for my clients, I refreshed my knowledge again of much of the Energy Leadership® materials that dealt with exploring these higher levels of energy that I had been taught during my coaching certification studies. I was reminded about the fact that we all have two sides to our brain in terms of how we process information. Many of us process with the left side of our brain in a logical manner. Even most of our school studies and approaches that we experience in our work life at the companies where we work are very left-brained in their approach. However, we all have a right side of the brain. That side has us doing our thinking in more creative ways. As opposed to looking at items being in a step by step approach, the right side tends to think in visions of what can be. It looks at the world as all things are possible. No one approach to any situation is right or wrong. The more one thinks with the right side of their brain, their judgment of a situation lessens and they are more open to all possibilities surrounding them.

It is not easy to change your perspectives. Many of them are ingrained in a person for a very long time. They may be learned at a very young age. They may be a product of education and upbringing. Others may be influenced by the circumstances one experiences or their willingness to accept that which is around them as being factually true as opposed to being their perception. However, the beauty about perspectives is they can be changed. Perhaps it is like my situation with the cyclist where someone becomes a part of one’s life you empathize through that individual and are willing to accept something that you once may have not accepted so readily. Or you may build awareness through the material to which you are exposed and are willing to try to implement as part of your life. For others, perspective may change through that which they experience over the course of time. And, for others, their desire is to keep their perspectives as they always have been. Perspective is your choice and always remains your choice. What perspectives do you choose to believe in working through the experiences of your everyday life?

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