What do you bring to the table of life? Are you someone others want to be around? Do people and companies want to do business with you? Are they happy when you call or text them? Or, in the reverse, do you often feel slighted or ignored?

Sometimes it’s hard to evaluate our own selves… so let’s take a different point of view for a second.

You know that friend, lover, boss, partner, employee that is well… a bit of work. You know the one… the person you are always looking at and doing the math to see if they are still worthy of being in your life?

When this happens you are measuring their “PITA Score!” What is a PITA score? It is the Pain In the Ass Ratio! (PITA). How much work does it take to have this person (and their energy, flaws and emotion) in your life?

I know this might sound harsh, but boy oh boy is it a real thing! Each of us does this math equation on the people in our life. I’m simply calling it what it IS! We all have strengths and weaknesses. It’s called being HUMAN.

While being a team player, being organized, using good eye contact and genuinely celebrating others’ accomplishments are moves that will raise your PITA score, ghosting messages, a sulky attitude, compulsively complaining or constantly asking for reassurance can be quick ways to drag your score down.

I think most of us lie somewhere in the 80’s on the PITA scale. We may think we’re in the 90’s, but let’s be honest here. A PITA Ratio of above 85 is pretty darn good. Few of us ARE in the 90’s. Most of us fall between 70 and 95.

If you find yourself lacking friends, customers, opportunities, promotions and that intimate relationship you cherish perhaps it is time to sit down with a nice pita sandwich and a cold beverage and do the math on your own PITA Ratio! After you score yourself, take a look at the individuals in your life. If you have a friend, boss, employee, or lover that score under, say 65 on the scale, you may want to reevaluate the relationship! Life is too short to be around wienes and their inherent “soul sucking” for too long!

So in the spirit of learning and growth, here are Tim’s Top 10 Tips to raise your own PITA score:

1. See things from the other person’s point of view–Seek first to understand!

2. Be part of the solution not the problem

3. Care about the outcome, but enjoy the process

4. Ask others “Hey dude (or dudette) what’s my PITA ratio?” Honestly listen to their feedback and attempt to use it to make personal improvements.

5. Smile! :)

6. Check your breath and hygiene - an easy one, that makes a huge difference!

7. Learn to be an excellent listener

8. Live in the question, not in the answer

9. Be a light, not a downer

10. CARE about others, and play full out!

So there you have it. What do you think of the PITA score concept? What would you add to my Tim’s 10 PITA Ratio tips? Please share this post with your good friends and do an honest “Cross PITA ratings” session with those close to you and ask them.... “So Lawrence, what can I do to raise my PITA score in our relationship in your mind?” Take your PITA Ratio up to a 90 plus and watch things get better in your life. You can start by rereading the tip above and see where you can improve your PITA factor!

~ Tim RhodeFounder 1Life Fully Lived and Co-Founder of Gobundance

Author's Bio: 

Tim would tell you that he got off to a slow start. After growing up in the rural town of Portola in Northern California and barely graduating high school, Tim Rhode found himself at the age of 25 working as a grocery clerk with two young children to provide for.

He eventually found his “niche” selling real estate; and from 1986 to 2000, he sold over 2,500 homes and from 1997 to 2006 he invested in over 100 properties. Tim focused on saving money, keeping his expenses low, and playing solid “financial defense” which allowed him to basically retire, and he was financially free at the age of 40.

Not wanting to play hike, bike or ski all day, Tim threw his energy into his true passion: helping people thrive and live their most fulfilling life. He founded the nonprofit 1Life Fully Lived to help people of all ages gain the tools and skills they need to thrive and also co-founded GoBundance, a high-level mastermind, with David Osborn, Pat Hiban and Mike McCarthy to help healthy, wealthy, generous people lead epic lives. We have a women’s tribe now!

Tim has also authored numerous books and has been featured on a variety of podcasts and media outlets. He now lives near his children in the High Sierras with his wife and dog.​

You can connect with Tim at www.TimRhode.com.