The Universe is soooo amazing! And here we are, standing in the middle of it, building our business…knowing on the one hand that abundance is all around us, knowing that what we have to offer can truly help people, knowing that the opportunity for us to have everything we desire is right here, right now…and yet….we stop ourselves…Arghhhh!

When you think back over the history of your life, I bet you could come up with a hundred if not hundreds of examples where you have stopped yourself from moving forward and getting what you desire. Most of the time, it is because something (your Ego) gets triggered, gets threatened and it pulls the plug on all your forward movement…leaving you lingering in doubt, confusion and INACTION.

From our experience, and the hundreds of entrepreneurs we have worked with, having your own business is like self-help on steroids. Every single demon, doubt, fear, and insecurity is going to show up, sit right in front of you and do it’s ever lovin’ best to stop you. And most of the time, it is in pretty much the exact same place that it stopped you before. Each time it seems vaguely familiar…more Arghhhh!

We call that your “Stopping Agent”. That place you get in your progress where the fear and doubt and insecurity get the best of you and stop you in your tracks. Now you may not always be aware that this is happening or what is really going on, but we know you know the place. It is full of confusion and self-sabotage. And you just can’t afford for this to take a hold in your business.

The biggest defense against the “Stopping Agent” is to become aware of it….break it down and relinquish its power over you. I n order for you to not let it take its nasty hold on you, you have to look it squarely in the eye and just say…”No, not this time. You don’t get to decide my path, my progress or my results. I’m calling you out and I say NO MORE.”

So how do you start recognizing your Stopping Agents? Well, most likely you have a pretty good idea what they are. You can probably mark certain times in your life where you have consciously or subconsciously stopped yourself as you were getting closer and closer to your dreams.

Here are just a few of the ways that stopping agents show up and try to distract us from our path:

Unable to make a decision and stick to it
Blaming others for your results
Withdrawing or just plain quitting
Continuing to doubt yourself and your gifts
Telling yourself you don’t have the time or money
Creating drama around you and your business

Call to Action

Where are you stopping yourself? What is your stopping agent? It could be in big ways, it could be in small ways.

If you’re not sure ask a trusted friend or colleague who really knows you, but here’s the deal, you can’t get upset when they tell you.

Be sure not to beat yourself up about it, but become aware of it, for it is in awareness that we can affect change.

Write it down and explore it. Take a good look at it. When we write things out we get it out of our heads and thoughts and it instantly starts to lose power over us.

And the next time you take action and move out of your comfort zone, you will be better prepared to see the signs of your Stopping Agent approaching and decide whether your going to let it control you…or if you are going to start controlling it.

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