“Fetish” has several meanings: a. It’s something that is supposed to have magical or spiritual powers, b. An object of unreasonably extreme attention or veneration, c. Something which arouses sexual desire, and may be required for sexual gratification. Although fetish is a word with diverse meanings, the latter, which is associated with sex, has gained the most popularity. The word fetish has its roots from the 15th century Portugese word feiticio which means false power, object or charm. Talismans were revered as fetish (beads, charms, totems), and the fetishists were those who worshipped the bizarre. In later years, however, the connotation of the word took on an entirely different and sexual meaning.

Fetishes come in varied kinds: media, form and animate. Material is obsessed over in a media fetish. Examples are leather, silk, nylon and latex. In a form fetish, the shape of the object has great importance. Lingerie, stiletto heels, and knee-high boots belong in this classification. Parts of the human body are also considered fetishes. Feet, hair, breasts, butt, nose are some of the most common, and since these are part of the human body, they are called animate fetishes. In fact, any object can be turned into a fetish. This obsessive fixation leaves some people uncertain if they even have a fetish or not, while others think that having a fetish is a sign of perverseness.

If the fetish interferes with a persons’ relationships, then it is wise to seek help from a professional. Here are some of the most favourite fetishes among the human species: Taut tummies make men and women alike somewhat crazy. Although some men rather like it when a woman has tummy with a teensy little pot, others are simply disgusted with a stomach that protrudes or hangs loosely. Body piercing is a favourite of the younger crowd, usually from ages 18-35. Pierced bellybuttons, tongues, nipples, eyebrows and even penises are a major turn on. Men especially love tongue rings because of the heavenly feeling they experience when the cool object rubs against the penis during oral sex.

While most men would like to settle down with a sweet woman, the “bad girl” look will forever be a fixation. Leather, rubber, vinyl and latex all give a rather pornographic quality to a sexual encounter. The sight of the woman moving around clad in these materials is already a tease in itself. Add a pair of handcuffs and leather whip, and you’ll find yourself in the new millennium where women dominate and guys submit. No, it’s not just on TV or in the movies: a lot of women love to order their men in bed like slaves, smack them and spank them.

Meanwhile, guys enjoy having those things done to them. Why? Maybe because most of them are tired of performing every single time. Some guys make it a requirement for their dates to have beautiful feet or toes. Men enjoy kissing, sucking and biting a woman’s feet. Women, on the other hand, love to suck men’s fingers as though it is a penis. Red lipstick and red-lacquered fingernails are the cliché of the ‘80’s, but some guys are still infatuated with it. A woman’s nails running down their back and red lipstick smudged all over gives them a feeling of adulterated sex.

One of the most favoured fetishes among guys is hair. It is an ultimate turn-on, whatever the color and length. Some are into pigtails and ponytails, probably because of the illusion that these hairstyles evoke: they have a fondness for younger women, and these hairstyles make them feel as if they are gratifying their desires. Voyeurism is more common in men—a lot of guys find it easier to achieve orgasm while watching porn or another couple in the act. Women are not as voyeuristic, but a few admitted that they like being watched when having sex.

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