Hello readers, as you all using the very famous chatting app - WhatsApp, we are going to talk about some very interesting whatsapp features and especially the one that has added lots of value to the WhatsApp app.

whatsapp recently updated the app with lots of rich features that their competitors were started providing before it. So, it became necessary for whatsapp and facebook team to release similar features to the 1.3Billion audience in the sense of remaining in the competition.

whatsapp's last big update included story feature. That lets you upload media and image files on your profile as your current status. This status/story disappears after 24hours so make sure you add another. snapchat is the origin of this type of stories. It is the core feature of snapchat app and people loved it. Youngsters borred with facebook and whatsapp started shifting to something different like snapchat and WeChat instead of the limited WhatsApp so it becomes compulsory to add similar trending features in the WhatsApp to hold the user base. whatsapp added story type of status feature and the usage statistics gone so high, it crossed the total use of snapchat app which is a huge success for whatsapp. As facebook is owning all three top social media app including facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, you will see this new feature in all the apps.

whatsapp status:
whatsapp status is the best way to share your daily life moments and you will get a great interface to do that. WhatsApp added a completely new section on the side of chat and calls. You can publish a 30-second long video that is known as WhatsApp status videos. In India and Pakistan a new trend is going on with this new feature which is the status of video sharing. People sharing cool and romantic short video clips on their timeline in whatsapp. There are thousands of mobile apps and websites available on the internet that let you download this type of status videos. Click here
for status video download in Punjabi. Yes, there are thousands of video in almost all the languages available on the websites like hdvideostatus and videostatus4you. There are many apps with very beautiful design and easy interface updating video daily. So you can easily download your favorite status videos on your mobile phone.

Why are status video websites better than a mobile app?

When you start searching for options to download pre-made whatsapp status videos, you will have two choices, either you go to app store and download the mobile app compatible to your device or you goto your browser and search on google which video you want. There are lots of websites available right now on the internet that has a huge collection of status videos and you can easily search video on that site. You will find all the language and category wise videos so you do not need to surf each video for the one you are searching. In case of the mobile app, you need to keep install the app for a single 2 minute of the task which will occupy the RAM and your mobile memory. Plus, many apps have lots of irritating ads that I have personally experienced which make the browsing experience worst. You will find a very less option for videos so it is better to go to the website.

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