As per the American Psychological Association, psychology is the study of human mind behavior. It tells about the secrets of how the mind works and how does it affect the behavior of a person. Psychology covers all aspects of the human experience-from functions of the brain to the actions of the mind. It is applicable for all age groups, from kids to elderly people. When people face problems with the mind and the behavior, you need the consultation of a Psychologist in Bangalore. He intervenes and isolates the problem.

What is the role of a psychologist?

It plays a big role in understanding the concept of health and illness. A psychologist treats a patient by using his knowledge and understanding of the subject. He uses psychotherapy to help the patient to relieve symptoms through the change in the behavior. Thus, his role is different from a psychiatrist, who is a medical doctor, focuses more on medicines and other treatment methods to manage mental health. The clinical role pf a psychologist as a health provider is diverse. He offers various areas of care-primary, secondary and tertiary care. He can assess, diagnose, and provide treatment for psychological issues and behavioral dysfunctions that are resulting from or related to physical ailments. Psychology counseling in Bangalore helps psychologists improve a patient’s quality of life.

How does a psychologist help a person to get rid of the problem?

A clinical psychologist interviews the patient about the history and defines the problem. Once it happens, it becomes easy to determine the treatment approach that suits the situation and the needs. Sometimes, a psychologist performs a series of tests to evaluate the problem. Psychotherapy is a method by which he learns more effective ways of dealing with problems. In some cases, it uses specialized methods such as behavioral modification, biofeedback, and stress management training.

To get to the fundamental reason for the problem, a psychologist may refer the patient to a medical physician for a physical assessment or clinical evaluation. Psychology counseling in Bangalore could be a short-term therapy or long term. It depends on the complication. The same is about the frequency of psychotherapy. It could be once or twice a week. Treatment is offered through outpatient care or in an inpatient setting.
Effectiveness of psychological treatment
Studies indicate that almost everyone who sought psychological help experienced some relief that makes him or her less troubled and makes life more pleasant. It is very much effective in dealing with life’s problems. Sometimes, the resolution of an issue can be obtained only by intervening by a trained psychologist.

What makes Dr.Geetha stand out from others?

Dr. GeethaAppachu is a well-known Consultant Psychologist in Bangalore. With her profound teaching and clinical experience of around two decades, she has helped more
then 500 people to overcome difficulties such as:

• Minor to an extreme type of psychological imbalances
• Difficulties to adjust to the day-to-day situations
• Trouble in managing stress
• Disturbed relationships
• Mental instability
• Neurosis and psychosis and many more

After completing her Bachelor has and Master's in Psychology, she did a Ph.D. in Psychology in the area of Holistic Health Psychology. Being a multifaceted personality, Dr. Geetha has been engaged in a variety of other activities. She has conducted various training programs and given seminars in schools, colleges, and hospitals. She has been part of several research projects and collaborative research programs. These specialized activities help hep in understanding and resolving psychological issues with furthermore depth. It makes Dr. Geetha distinctly different from others. Using her unmatched skills and expertise in Psychology counseling in Bangalore, Dr. Geetha has brought a positive change in the lives of many people.

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Dr.Geetha is one of the famous lady psychologist & marriage counselor in Bangalore for marriage counseling, anxiety treatment, obsessive compulsory disorder(OCD) treatment, career counseling & stress management counseling, etc.