John And Claudia are two graduates of Information Technology the Both of them were twins, they had a very good upbringing, because they were both loved by their parents, they had all the good things of life because their parents are both caring and worked very hard, the father is a Director of one of the long family business his own father was having another wife who also gave birth to about 3 boys, there has been a long controversy between him and the other 3 kids of his step mum and he was actually the only son of his own mother, after so many court cases the court granted him the opportunity to be the director of the family business, between him and the step brother, the court ruled that they all must share the proceeds of the company 60%/40% he takes 60 and the step brother takes 40, this continued for years and the family was actually enjoying themselves but the tragedy started the day the man and his wife had an accident that claimed the life of the both of them, John and Claudia's parents could not write any will for their Children because they at that time did not expect that such a thing will happen to them, as the time of this events John and Claudia are in senior Secondary School 2(SSS2), during the time of the burial the step brothers ant the extended families promised heaven and earth to John And Claudia but few months after their death, the step brothers decided to take over the company .....Hmmmmmmm! Pause Here and Pray this prayer "Lord i will not fall into the hand of my oppressors in Jesus Name" so as i was saying the step uncles of John and Claudia took over the company, took over their fathers house and properties because there was no will to give the both of them any properties, the both of them were thrown out of the house, then they had to move to the house of one of their fathers friend whose wife also oppressed them but one thing they did that really moved me is their decision not to give up on trying to be their dreams, so they both started doing odd jobs to survive when you see them in the street you will never KNOW THEY WERE ONCE RICH MAN KIDS, they had nothing but they were both able to help themselves to the university, they both decided to study Computer science now the both of them are out of the university and life has changed for them, you should imagine what they both went through, even though they knew there was nothing for them they never gave up, they keep trying until they found themselves on the top.
Beloved you must know God is really interested in those who has no one or nothing to turn to because he always want to proof himself are you out there today reading this articles and you are sitting down there crying always, putting blames on your dead or poor parents for not been able to give you the best education you deserve or may be you have finished you education and almost 5 relationship has gone dead because you could not sustain any of them, in your bank accounts you have NOTHING, In your home YOU HAVE NOTHING, every angle of your life there is a big inscriptions NOTHING on it, you need to Know God does love Those people with Nothing, Moses ran away from Pharaoh he had NOTHING God Met Him and Gave Him Nations, Joseph was Sold By his own Brothers he had NOTHING, The Only thing he had Then was Chains and prison foods but God Made Him the Prime Minister of the Land, JESUS our Lord, Has No House, He eats in Gentiles houses, he depends on people to feed even though he was rich but he because poor for my sake and for your sake now through him we are rich, What is it that is disturbing you mind, Are you out there and you are presently in NOTHING Stage? with the heavy hand of GOD upon Me I decree GOD will arise at this moment and TURN YOUR NOTHING TO FULLNESS I Jesus Mighty Name. Hold On though you think You have NOTHING But you are Wrong because you have Jesus, the owner of the whole universe, put yourself together, put a smile on your face YOUR PERIOD OF NOTHING IS OVER AND GOD IS MOVING YOU "FROM NOTHING TO FULLNESS"......Watch out for my Music Album Titled: FROM NOTHING TO FULLNESS a 10 tracked Music album Containing Encouraging Songs, Assurance songs and Prayer Songs That will move you from the realm of THE NOTHING to the Realm Of FULLNESS. In Jesus Name.

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Rev Evans Is the Ceo And President of Rev Evans Ministries an Online Biblical Counseling Ministry