If you are a normal person, then chances are that you have experienced some form of anxiety in your life. A special event, or something new that you were doing could have all triggered some kind of anxious response. This happens to all of us and is a completely normal part of living life.

Sometimes though, that worry ventures out of the realm of everyday anxiousness that we all have into a form of anxiety that can really put a damper on your life.

It's one thing to be in a situation where some anxiety is needed to keep you out of danger, like during an earthquake. If this were to happen, you could use your anxious feelings to your advantage by staying alert and ready to deal with your surroundings better. Anxiety makes us much more alert, which in-turn allows our body to become ready to handle any situation that we may have to face.

This is perfectly healthy to have anxiety like this because it helps to keep you safe. When anxiety is not healthy is when you start to feel like you will not be able to function if anything else comes up. You may start to live your life in a different way because you just get to where living day-to-day is too hard for you.

And you also may start to notice that physical things are happening that are new to you. If you begin to feel light-headed or shaky for no good reason, there is a really good chance that you are suffering from anxiety. Anxiety has the power to make you feel a lot of things that you normally wouldn't experience.

For instance, you could start to feel your chest pound as your heart is working overtime to prepare you for the danger that you think you are about to face. This usually will make you feel even more scared, and thus completes the fear and anxiety cycle that is so common.

This cycle can start on a whim as decided by your anxious mind, and it can last anywhere from several minutes to an hour perhaps. Even though it always goes away for anxiety sufferers, they live in constant fear of not knowing when the next attack will strike.

When that next attack does come, it is good to know that you can arm yourself with methods and techniques that can put a stop to your anxiety. There is no reason to live in fear of some act of randomness by your mind that you have full power to control. The only difference between an anxious life which you are living now and a life free from anxiety is finding the best methods to deal with anxiety.

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