A room can be made or broken by its rug. A well-executed decision unifies the space and declares its completion. A good rug helps to define zones in a living room design.

"אקססוריז לבית"

It adds warmth to any areas that can appear and feel cold underfoot—we're looking at you, tiles and hardwood. It can be difficult to select the right rug for your space. We have some tips to help you choose the best rug for any space and give your room some oomph.

First and foremost, timing is everything

Choose your rug first—or last. If you want your rug to steal the show, start with it and then build the room around it. However, if you already have furniture that you adore, your rug can serve as a supporting element in the larger space, and it can be chosen to complement the palette you already have in place.

Make a Rainbow

Accept colour and trends. Don't be afraid to try some of the new hot colours for 2022, like earthy red and pink shades, which play well with mustard, tan, navy, and teal, when replacing your rug (שטיח לחדר שינה) and giving your living space a whole new feel. Warm, earthy brown tones will also be popular. Think cognac, almond, and beige. Consider soft mauve, faded indigo, or peachy terracotta for a real pop of colour.

What's Underneath

Consider your flooring options.It is the foundation for your rug, and some colours simply go together. Warmer-toned timbers look best with warmer rug colours, whereas modern, light timbers look great with grey, navy, and white rugs.

Love thy neighbour as thyself

Consider your neighbors. Rugs can be a great sound insulator if you live in an apartment complex, especially in busy areas like the living room. A strategically placed rug will absorb sound and prevent your neighbours from hearing every move you make, as well as absorb some of their noise.

Size Is Critical

Choose a rug that is not too small for the space. A larger rug can make or break your space in any room. Always go bigger; the extra expense will be worth it. When deciding which direction to run the rug, use the room orientation as a guide. It is best to place a rug lengthwise in a long room. Using painters tape to mark where your rug will help you visualise the final look and is a pro tip that ensures the rug is in the right spot from every angle.

A situation may not always have a clear-cut resolution

For living room design (שטיח לסלון), avoid using rugs that are too dark or too light. Of course, the colour of a rug is entirely subjective. Consider avoiding a purely black or white rug in high-traffic areas, especially if you have a young family or a pet. Include upkeep as part of your selection criteria so you can spend more time enjoying your rug and less time vacuuming it. However, in other, more quiet areas, these rugs can look extremely glamorous.

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