For anybody considering creating a blog there's really not much involved in the set-up however the ongoing maintenance is another story! Building a blog goes far beyond the initial set-up, in fact the set-up may be the easiest part of the entire process! Once you start blogging there will be a number of tasks that will require your attention and time. Your primary function will be writing content you can post to your site. But the long and short of it is this, building a blog is a long term process and is not for someone seeking immediate gratification!

Here are 3 things to consider before you even start blogging that will give you the best chance of creating a site both you and others will enjoy!

Blogging Topic

Choosing the focus of what you will be writing content about depends on several factors. What is your interest level, the popularity of the subject matter and if you are building a blog to earn an income! This last point requires your further consideration in terms of whether the subject or niche you'll be working in is one where people actually spend money!

Time Available

As previously noted above building a blog takes time and you need to determine how much of it you have or are willing to invest. The less time you devote to writing content and other administrative duties the longer the process will take and it is wise to be aware of this before you start blogging! As with any venture you decide to undertake it is important to maintain realistic expectations!

Posting Schedule

When speaking of realistic expectations you must also decide and/or determine how often you plan on updating your site. Many people have ambitious intentions when they first start blogging since they're full of ideas and enthusiasm. The reality is that both tend to run low after time so plan accordingly because your readers will want to know what to expect! Now frequent posting is recommended especially in the initial stages to attract a crowd but you can ease off as subscriber loyalty builds! Just do the best you can in terms of being realistic of your own abilities and trying to maintain a consistent posting schedule! Be more concerned with quality than quantity when writing content since over the long haul your readers will appreciate that!

Creating a blog is all well and good but you will find that it is much like flying a kite in terms of the attention it needs! When building a blog, which is a process and not an event, your primary function will be writing content and this is a time consuming tasks unto itself. However there will be other duties you'll also be undertaking if of course you want your efforts to be successful! The discussion above focus on 3 particular areas you need to consider before you even start blogging. Giving these areas a fair and honest assessment regarding your personal commitment and interests will serve to make your experience a more enjoyable one!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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