Car accidents can result in physical damage, emotional trauma, and some long-term symptoms, thus leading to lifestyle changes. Sometimes, car accident injuries might not be detected immediately and may take some days or weeks. Therefore, it's advisable to seek medical attention immediately to prevent the situation from worsening or getting more complicated. All you need is a car accident physical therapy near me to ensure these injuries are properly treated.

What Types of Car Injuries Require Physical Therapy?

If you're involved in an auto accident, you may get some injuries that require physical therapy as follows:

1. Whiplash
It's a common injury associated with car accidents that affect neck muscles, tendons, and ligaments. It's usually caused by sudden and unexpected movements of the neck, causing injury. Some of its symptoms are a pain in the neck, restricted mobility, and neck stiffness. Whiplash is diagnosed through MRI, X-ray, and CT scans.

2. Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
During a car accident, you might also get traumatic brain injuries. These injuries are life-threatening since they destroy how the brain functions. Depending on the seriousness of the accident, you may get mild or severe TBI. Mild TBI has fewer effects on the brain, unlike severe TBI that can result in bleeding, bruising, and tearing of brain tissues.

3. Knee Trauma
Excessive force during an auto accident can bring knee injury. This force can damage the ligaments and kneecap, which can be very painful. The pain can further limit the range of motion and reduce knee strength.

4. Herniated Disc
The spinal cord can also be affected during a car accident. Getting herniated discs will bring a lot of pain. This usually comes from the strong impact that creates a lot of sudden pressure on the spinal discs. If you don't get the right treatment, you're likely to experience permanent nerve damage and muscle weakness.

Importance of Car Accident Physical Therapy

A car accident physical therapy near me will help you in the following ways:

- Speed up the recovery process
- Eliminate pain
- Prevent additional damage
- Prevent surgery

In conclusion, if you're involved in an accident, a physical therapist will assist you by recommending the best exercises, rehabilitation programs, manual therapies, and chiropractic care.

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Physical therapy can be necessary to fully heal the body. See how car accident physical therapy near me can help!