I find it interesting how many counsellors, therapists and life coaches seem to miss the realisation that the biggest obstacle in achieving success is based in negative beliefs that come from experiences of early abuse. This implies that strategies promoting the limited notion that one simply changes their beliefs from negative to positive are bound to be ineffective in the long term.

Indeed, this is why people find themselves going from one coaching guru or transformational conference to another; because the last one was ineffective. It has been my experience that the only effective and permanent way to shift one’s beliefs is to erase the underlying negative memories once and for all. From there nothing more is required. The fact that the belief is there to begin with, means that the individual has absorbed it to gain meaning from a past event. Taking an example of a woman who believes she is worthless; this belief stems from an emotional survival program which is generated from early memories of abuse. The belief was absorbed from the memories. So does this mean that if this woman repeatedly states ‘I am worthy’ she will dramatically be able to believe and feel it in her being? My answer is no, and here’s why.

Why is it that anyone has negative beliefs floating through their conscious mind in the first place? Although this supposedly “normal” state has never been questioned before and is considered part of the human condition, I would like to state categorically here that it is not a normal state. Why not? Well because of how they feel to us, “negative” and “undesirable”. It is our natural birth given right to feel whole, confident, safe, empowered, limitless and peaceful.

If you wish to have greater clarity on this try the following short exercise. Place one hand over your heart and from the heart region, affirm the following to yourself:

“I want to be fully and consciously in charge of my mind, body and life at all times”.

“This is my mind, body and life and I command all unhealthy and life detracting and life depleting energies residing within me to leave now”.

“I direct my entire being to come into alignment with my heart’s desire for a peaceful, joyful, effortless and fulfilling life”.
Now notice how you feel inside.
Many of you will have begun to experience feelings of inner peace, confidence, joy, expansiveness, lightness, self-esteem, optimism, and empowerment and so on. Let me describe what is taking place.

The above affirmations have allowed what I call your Life Force Energy to begin returning to and re-integrating with your mind and body. This feeling of re-integration is associated with those positive feelings you are having. This state is also what it means to be and feel like your “true self” and “alive”.

What is being said here is that up until this moment, although you “thought” you were alive, in fact you where actually dying. What was killing you? The undertow of negative memories stored in your mind/body (also called your unconscious mind).

These negative memories have been responsible for generating and sustaining all those negative thoughts, feelings and self-sabotaging behaviours that have hijacked your conscious mind and your life. All of this has caused a severe depletion of Life Force Energy (i.e. you) from your mind and body leaving them compromised or handicapped. You experience this depletion as stress, tiredness, exhaustion, low self confidence, feelings of inadequacy, low self esteem, and so on.

In other words your mind and body attempting to function without “you” inside is like your car trying to navigate safely down the highway without “you” in the driver’s seat!

I think you can see that by ignoring the root cause of the negativity (i.e. the negative memories themselves) running your life, no amount of “belief changing” is going to help. One literally has to uninstall or “erase” the negative memories themselves in order to be free, empowered and fully in charge of one’s “ship”.

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