The Mature American Woman’s Dilemma

It’s a fact. By age 40, at least 40% of women will notice visible hair loss. By age 60, it jumps to 80%. 21 million American women are currently affected by this issue, and the fact of the matter is, there is no proven permanent, effective remedy for hair loss except to have a complete hair transplant, which is only moderately successful and not guaranteed. There’s plenty of advice and tons of products that all promise to help, but in reality once the hair is “noticeably absent” for a certain period of time, there’s simply no getting it back. And the real dilemma is, for most of us, there’s no stopping it from happening, either. Genetics, hormones and age play the biggest roles in reasons for hair loss in women. 


Early Preparation Tactics

Since the majority of us women are doomed to this eventuality, it makes sense to have a few tricks up our sleeves ready and waiting. Besides considering the drastic approach of a hair transplant, there are really only a couple of other things you can do, which will effectively combat the failing hair growth that befalls you. Wigs are one option, but can get quite costly if you want to wear more than one style or even color, and especially if you want to wear one all the time. Which, when the time comes, who wouldn’t? The other, more sensible option is to try some high-quality clip-in hair extensions, like the ones sold at The Lauren Ashtyn Collection. They have a line of fully customizable hair extensions made from 100% real European Remy human hair, the highest grade quality on the market today.


Clip-In Hair Extensions

These kinds of luxury hair extensions are designed in a unique and effective way, that enables you to attach them securely in just seconds and do no damage to your real hair, like other methods do. They are fully customizable with regard to color, cut and style, and with good care can last up to 3 years, making them a great investment, too! They come in 3 different types, including the full volume extensions that add fullness, volume and length to your own hair, as well as the light volume root coverage or crown hair topper, for women who just want to add a little volume and cover up gray roots. You can also opt for length only extensions, which come in two different lengths.


Additional Information

In addition, The Lauren Ashtyn Collection offers financing to those who qualify, and this doesn’t delay your shipment in any way. They have dozens of tutorials to help you with all aspects of your new luxury hair toppers, and they also offer a free hair consultation if you need assistance in choosing the right hair extensions, or even if you just want some expert advice or opinions. They also sell hair care products specifically designed for their clip-in hair extensions, to help you take proper care of your new, high-quality Remy hair extensions. Whoever you choose to purchase them from, this type of clip-in design and luxurious caliber of human hair is what you want, for the best, longest-lasting product for your money.     

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