We have within us two very different sources of direction, guidance, or operating instructions, that tell us very different things – opposite things.

Our “lower self” or ego-mind tells us to stay safe, that we’re in danger, that it’s not good to take risks; it tells us why we can’t really have what we want. (Ego is on default setting, so this is what we hear most of the time.)

On the other hand, our Higher Self, if we make the effort to tune into it (and it does take intention) will fill us with feelings of love, peace, support, inspiration, expansion, and joy. It will show us visions of what our life could be like if we stepped beyond the restrictive barriers of fear. It will tell us where our greatness lies and that, if we reach for it, it can be ours.

Sometimes these two sources of motivation collide head-on.

When you have a vision of your highest potential, - and of course it’s a stretch for you - your Higher Self will say “Yes! Go forward! All is well. This is what you are here to do. ”

But pretty soon your ego or lower self will probably step on the brakes and say “Wait a minute. Stop! It’s dangerous to go forward. That doesn’t look like such a good idea. And furthermore, you can’t do that because . …” And it will give you very rational and convincing reasons why you can’t do what your soul longs to.

We have to become conscious of these two motivations, these two voices or sources of direction within us. We have to first make them conscious before we can work with them. Most of the time Ego-mind is what we take to be the voice of truth. We are not conscious of it as a voice within us with a particular agenda, which does not have the whole truth.

It is possible to have a dialogue between these two voices. What are the legitimate needs that our ego doesn’t want us to overlook? How is it trying to protect us? But then, where are its fears exaggerated, coming from its own intrinsic sense of lack and emptiness and are not justified?

And what is it costing us when we’re only following our ego’s suggestions and playing it safe? What does it cost us to ignore our Higher Wisdom?

In order to explore these questions, you need to hear both voices. You need to make room for the message of your Higher Self, with its vision of your highest potential, the purpose your soul took form for in this life. This is what inspires you, and lights you up. And this is where your greatest SUCCESS will come from, as well!

When you receive a splendid vision of your highest potential and let it really soak into you, so that you can feel it in every fiber, so that the vision starts taking form and becoming real – that will be what we call a “compelling vision.” We need a truly compelling and wondrous vision of our possibility to turn to when we get discouraged. That vision will keep us motivated to take the steps that lie outside our comfort zone.

And you also need to clearly identify the voices of your fears, limiting beliefs and self-images that stop you and keep you stuck. These negative voices tend to be louder, more repetitive, and very convincing. We tend to think they are telling us the truth, as I said. But when we can identify them as just a part of us, we can turn toward that part and interact with it, soothe it, even heal its worries.

That’s why we need to put our attention on those messages, to bring them to consciousness. And we need really effective tools and techniques so we can proactively dissolve our limiting beliefs and replace them with beliefs that empower us to be all that we can be. This is not as hard as it sounds if you know how.

This is what I base my work on – I call it Receiving and Releasing. Receiving guidance from our soul and Higher Self, and Releasing the blockages of our ego or lower self. First you must uncover the light that shines within you, that wants to come forth and shine in the world. Then, by pinpointing the obstacles that block that light from freely shining, you can release those barriers. When those barriers are released, nothing stands in the way of your soul’s light shining forth and filling the world.

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