For years now, we have been told to load up on carbs at breakfast. Having a big-carb breakfast will fuel us up for the rest of the day and keep hunger at bay. It was said to “kick start” the metabolism, and though it is calorie dense, no problems. You will burn it off as the day goes on.


It does not work. It never has worked.

The most effective approach, based on the best science that has come forth tells a different story. The main theme here is the . . .brace yourself. . . skip breakfast, keep the carbs low for lunch and load up at dinner after training. The end result of this unusual approach is that the hormone insulin spikes.

Why is this a good thing?

Insulins favorite “food?” Fat!

There is much science behind this, and it is very technical. Allow me to give you a sample . . . . . .

Breakfast: Have some coffee with coconut oil, or green tea. If you train in the morning, feel free to add a small protein shake.

Mid Morning: If you just had coffee or tea, and trained AND getting really hungry, there is a good time for a protein shake also. There is not about suffering or “sucking it up.” It is a lifestyle, not a diet.

Lunch: Protein based. Add a salad and some green veggies to the mix. If possible, something spicy would be helpful too.

Dinner: Chicken, turkey, sweet potatoes (be SURE to add Cinnamon), more green etc.

Evening: Low sugar rice pudding with cinnamon.

As I have said countless times, not everything is for everyone so be sure to adjust where and when needed. If you have doubts, sign up now for a consultation with me to personalize your program(s), be it supplement, diet or training. Or all three.CLICK HERE now.

Granted, this is a unique approach, one that manipulates insulin sensitivity to control which cells grow (muscle) and which ones shrink (fat).

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