Let’s be honest; life is NOT always easy and we are not always happy. No matter how hard we try to feel better or get out of our funk, it only seems to get worse. Well the good news is, that is the problem. Whenever you “effort” from a place of negativity or frustration, you are only going to create more discomfort within yourself and more of the unwanted in your life. I know, it doesn’t really make sense, but it does. You see, when you try to force a different outcome instead of allowing life to carry you NATURALLY you create more negativity because you are going against what is. Simply speaking, we not only get in our own way, but we also get in life’s way.

Everything you have ever wanted and desired is already there. It has already manifested in your vibrational reality so now the only thing left to do is to ALLOW it to come forth into your physical reality. Easier said then done, yes I know, but hear me out because I am no different from you. Although I am truly happy from the inside out, I still have personal struggles, but I have learned how to turn them around in a short amount of time by doing one simple little thing and that is to just let go. Just let go of all the “garbage” you are holding onto, let go of the incessant chatter in your head, and stop fighting against what is and let the LIFE (Universe, God) within you take over! Trust me when I say there is absolutely NOTHING else you need to do to turn your life around. When you let go and accept what is as it is you release all the tension, stress, and resistance you have building inside of you. Once your resistance is gone your energy will instantly and AUTOMATICALLY change course and lead you down a path that will undoubtedly bring you your heart’s desires! Trust me, it has worked for me for the past 7 years.

I know many people believe being in control of everything and everyone in their life is the way to go, but don’t you see…..the more you try to control Life, the more YOUR life falls apart. Life does not need to be told what to do anymore than Life needs to be controlled because Life responds to you through energy – your energy – so as long as you feel good, Life will always bring you what you want. If things have not been working for you thus far, isn’t it time to give something else a try? Isn’t it time to give yourself a break and let “something” else take care of you for a while. You have done your job so now it is time to let LIFE do it’s job.

I am not going to sit here and tell you what a breeze this will be because it won’t always be easy but I can promise you that once you get in the habit of just letting go, your body and mind will automatically react to any negativity you feel by reminding you to let go. You will know the instant you start to tense up with worry, stress, frustration or resistance that you are going against Life and that in itself will be your reminder to let go. Each time will get easier and as it does you will begin to trust and have faith in LIFE. You will know without a shadow of a doubt that LIFE is in fact working for you not against you, so just let LIFE do what it does and just let go.

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I am a Personal Development Life Coach. My knowledge and expertise comes from 25 years of study and experience. I have helped others through life’s most challenging obstacles such as fear, depression, addictions, and relationship transitions. Through my own life changing experiences and education, I am able to see what others sometimes can’t, bringing to light what holds them back from living the life they want to live. Please feel free to visit me at www.cindy-ortiz.com for more information.