When love is not enough. A case study. Brenda was worried because she was in a friendship with a man she had met at work, Raymond (names changed for obvious reasons). Raymond had started to work at the same place a month ago and had started to get interested in chatting to Brenda, sharing lunch with her at the park, coffee breaks and so on. He was single and she was married. But it was not long before Raymond started to tell Brenda that he wanted to go out with her one evening,and when she politely reminded him she was married he just kept asking. As far as Brenda was concerned he was a nice man and she enjoyed his company but she found it insulting that he thought it was more or that he had ideas of her sneaking around behind her husband's back, so she started to be less friendly and avoid him.

Whatever Brenda did made no difference, Donald would read into it whatever suited him. When she was distant he would say this is because she wants him and is fighting it, or she is playing hard to get. He started to write her little "love notes" and leave them on her desk or next to her handbag, expecting this to melt her and get her to be honest about wanting him. When he could see that this did not work he started to be rude to her, impolite, snappy and aggressive when he saw her. He called her a slut and a tart, insinuated she had flirted with him and led him on, tried to blame it all on her.
Rather than simply accepting that she was happily married or he was not her type he kept making it worse and worse.

In the end management called him up to the personnel office and told him that he must stop harrassing her and making her life difficult, and this seemed to help a bit, but the atmosphere was cold and frosty. Brenda came to see me for a psychic medium and advice session and was quite upset about all of this. She may have been a bit naive because it never occurred to her that if she spent a lot of time with Donald at work he would get other ideas, but she had meant no harm, and had never lied.
She realises now that simply being friendly with someone can give them ideas or backfire and is now more distant with the other males she meets.

Donald told Brenda that he loved her! He totally ignored that she was married and happy and he had no place to feel this way. And,as she told me, he would not have been her type if she were single.


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