Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an important tool for marketing, especially in the wake of global climate change. Consumers expect organizations to be sensitive towards their surroundings and well-being of the humankind, along with selling their products and services.

In today’s times, a business that focuses solely on selling their products or services will find a hard time developing a customer base and surviving in the market.

Businesses that prove themselves to be socially responsible while doing business gather more clientele and climb the market ladder faster.

It’s clear: people don’t want to do business with companies that only like to talk about themselves. They would rather associate with businesses that talk about the environment, society, and welfare of both. And it’s not just the talking that you need to do. You must also prove that you are doing something for the welfare.

One of the ways to gain appreciation from your customer base is to organize a fundraiser event or launch a campaign for the environment or launch an eco-friendly product. You can contact the best PR distribution service and let your press release reach a wider mass, informing them about your product or campaign or event.

What if you are a luxury brand?
It is a fact that most luxury brands have lagged behind in CSR. Not their fault. It actually is tough to promote self-enhancement products and services and then talk of the environment or philanthropy.

So, when you are a top cruise ship company encouraging people to spend leisure moments on the ocean, can you really talk of saving the ocean life, eh?

Well, till now luxury-promoting companies thought that they cannot. But, they can.

Going on a luxury cruise vacation does not mean you are not concerned about the ocean life or you cannot be eco-friendly.

It all depends on how eco-friendly you behave while on the vacation, such as not loitering the ocean waters and other such responsible deportment.

It also depends on how active companies are in promoting such behavior. So, if you are announcing the latest cruise dates for 2020, you can also announce that a part of the vacation fare will go to the welfare of cancer patients. Or you can announce that for every booking, the company will plant a tree at a particular location.

Create a press release to announce publicly and to get media attention.

Of course, you have to do what you are saying to create credibility.

Relate. It works.
If you are a brand that just cannot engage in philanthropic activities, then you can show examples of your customers who are philanthropic. These are people who use your product or service and also do something for the society or the environment.

Again, a press release comes into play here. Organize an event that brings together your buyers who are philanthropic. Announce this event. Let the world know that your brand users have a sense of responsibility towards the humankind and the Earth, and how you encourage such behavior.

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