Marketing with articles is a reliable and proven advertising method that can increase traffic to your site. In many cases however people who write articles focus more on the quantity than the quality of information that they submit. Although logically speaking it would seem this would help increase traffic to any site by virtue of having more content in circulation, a closer look may reveal something altogether different! It is important to remember that the success of this strategy depends upon gaining attention, notoriety and ultimately credibility.

Here is a look at how focusing more on quantity as opposed to quality when you write articles can impact the results you actually receive!

Get Noticed

The reason most people write articles and publish them online is to get noticed and to increase traffic to their site. A poorly composed piece of content will succeed in neither of these goals since it has little to offer in terms of value to the reader. Rushing to publish as many articles as you can will obviously diminish the quality of information due to the lack of time put into the research or the way the content is hastily composed! It makes little difference how many articles you have in circulation if people perceive they offer little or no beneficial information or insight!

Get Circulated

Having your content passed around and published on other related websites and blogs is a huge benefit of article marketing. Of course people are inclined to do so if you offer something of interest but on the other hand if your publications fall flat in terms of quality, they are virtually useless to you and to others. Considering that the more you write translates into more effort invested and then combine this with poor results, it makes little sense to continue in this direction. One well written article can easily have more impact for you than as many as fifty that are poorly researched and composed! If you want to create a buzz you need to deliver something of interest and not litter the internet with useless material!

Build Credibility

When you write articles they not only help you increase traffic to your site but they can also contribute towards building you credibility as well. Of course for this to happen you must create content of value, and consistently. Credibility is based upon substance and NOT quantity therefore it matters little how many articles you may have in circulation. In fact publishing poor quality material can serve to actually damage your reputation! Very clearly in this case more is simply not better unless you can maintain a consistent level of quality in your work!

When working online marketing with articles is a very effective way to increase traffic to your website or blog. Some authors however tend to skimp on the quality of information they publish choosing instead to focus more on the quantity they submit. In this way some believe you can benefit from a broader exposure but as our discussion above implies, this approach could actually dilute your efforts! It would seem that when you do write articles, the quality of information you publish should be a priority. After all if readers do not find your publication worth their time to eve view, why would they consider referring it others or using it for their own purposes?

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