The question of 'How do I lead a natural life, constantly surrounded by toxins?' is one that I wrestle with on a daily basis.

​When people talk about why the world is in the poor state it's in, I tell them 'We live in a world where there is poison food, poison water, poison air and poisoned minds' So it's a four pronged attack that is required to claw back a natural life in our modern, toxic-soup of a world.

Moving through this toxic environment that is modern day life, it's imperative that we all find more ways to mitigate the ill effects of our environments. Bear with me as we slog through the problems, because there is always remedy and I've included them for you further down the page.

Poison Food
GMOs are an obvious threat to a natural state of living. Splice n' dice I call it. Yes, farmers have for millenia 'kissed' flowers to cross breed inside the same species. Always within the same species as, in nature, plants don't usually cross breed. Why is that? I wonder if they have inherent plant knowledge that biologically advises against doing so? But, GMO is something altogether different. I highly recommend you do your research, and do it before you eat your next bite of food.

A great starting point for research is an online dictionary. "GMO, the abbreviation for genetically modified organism. A GMO is an organism whose genome has been altered by the techniques of genetic engineering so that its DNA contains one or more genes not normally found there"(REF1)

Many countries have now banned gmo crops from being grown. I wonder why entire countries would go to the extreme of legislating OUT a certain type of food product? Here's a great site to check out; just click on your country name in the list on the left side to find out how exposed your country is to gmo (REF2)

Poison Water
Do you know what is in the water that flows from your household tap? If you don't know, AND drink the water, congratulations on having less trust issues than me. In most places the water that flows from residential taps, is controlled by the government. Some municipalities have taken it upon themselves to start adding in chemicals at will. When I found that out, it was the start of me waking up to the fact that I had NO IDEA what I was putting into my body.

What about when they stuff it up and overload on known toxic chemicals? Like here when fluoride levels reached 1.7mg/L for 10 minutes at Ipswich in Qld Australia (REF3) )

How about this for a frank expression of how little our drinking water is valued and treated...
"While drinking water quality does sometimes fall outside the guidelines most generally exceed the guidelines however this is not to say that it is safe or of a quality that all consumers are happy with.

Over 95% of town water is also used for washing, cleaning, flushing toilets and other uses with only a small percentage actually used for drinking. It is therefore difficult, expensive and not necessary to treat all of the water used to the highest possible standard when such a small percentage is actually used for drinking" (REF4)

Ceramic water purifiers are what I use now, and while it's still not fool proof, it's the best I can do for now to run (certain) rainwater through the ceramic purifier. You can pick these up second hand for about half the price, but I think it's worth it to buy new on these.
Keep your eyes open on gumtree because you can still pick them up on there for about $50-$100 second hand. Then you buy the filters new for about $24 and how long they last is determined by quite a few factors, but anywhere between 1-6 months is a good guide.

In addition, if you live anywhere near coal seam gas fracking, your water will be contaminated with by products of that industry. In some places that are heavily contaminated with toxic chemicals, you can even light up the water in rivers and streams! Go on over to youtube and search the phrase 'river on fire fracking' and you will find multiple videos of rivers on fire due to nearby fracking activities.

Poison Air
Our atmosphere is now struggling to cope with the wild amounts of pollution it's now forced to process. The delicate balance of life is way out of whack. We are up against the environmental damage from vehicles, large scale mono-agriculture, meat production, SRM (solar radiation management) just to name a few.

We need to get back to a diversified, organic food base and growing our own food. Remember, it was only 2 generations ago that most people had a small garden just outside the kitchen door, and kept a couple of chooks.

Poison Mind
"Switch off the signal!" what I tell people often. Turn off that tv, radio and don't pick up their newspapers either. Did you know that all the main stream media can be traced back to about 6 sources of ownership. In my mind I see that as being 6 opinions, only, that we are fed. What if any of those 6 sources were talking to each other and agreeing on what to or not to show you?

And what about so called 'smart meters' What are they doing to our minds and bodies too? Ontario is removing 36,000 of them. These devices emit pulsed microwave radiation many many times stronger than mobile/cell phones (which are also dangerous in the same manner) (REF5)

Lack of Person to Person Connections
With the increasing trend of work work working, there is not only less time for your family, it's also hard to maintain a wide community of friends with not a lot of spare time. I'm afraid that this modern life has also meant less time spent with our children.

The Solutions...

Clean Food

When considering how you might get a hold of clean food, you will inevitably come across the word 'organic' Eating organic labelled foods is a great start on the road to eating healthy. Growing your own organic food is the best way to get the cleanest food possible. However, there are more online organic grocery shops popping up all the time. If you're not a green thumb yet, Google 'online organic groceries' and also type in your town and you're likely to find one that delivers to your area.

Clean Water
Sourcing clean water is imperative, with our bodies being made up of 80% water! I have found that there are only a couple of ways to get clean drinking water. Firstly, you need o collect rainwater, but this has to be done selectively to avoid the collection of the most heavily contaminated rain ie let the first 60L or so run off, THEN start collecting. The second step is to purify that rainwater with either a filter or a distiller. Distillers can run into the hundreds of dollars, and is THE cleanest water you can drink. Or, the cheaper option is to use a candle type filter in a ceramic purifier.

Clean Air
I now use two air purifiers in my home. This is one of the few ways of protecting you and your family, inside your house. At least I can now close up the windows and doors and blast the purifiers to get some good breathing air, in times of heavy pollution.

Clean Mind
Switch off the signal! Seriously, what purpose does watching tv serve other than to lull you into an unconscious state then fill your mind with the apparent 'horrors of life' ? They don't call it PROGRAMMING for nothing! Keep your mind clear of 'the signal' and I promise you will have a more peaceful and less anxious life.

Better Relationships
What better way to connect, even just with a neighbour, than to find a plant in their garden that you like, and compliment them on it? They don't have to become your best friend, but it's gives a better feeling of safety and connectedness to be on talking terms with ones' neighbours.

People in the street deserve the blessing of your smile, if you have one to give. You never know how much that smile means to them, either on the spot, or later when they are wondering with their own smile, "Gee, I wonder what that smiley person was happy about today?"

What about your loved ones? Your parents, children, significant other...They also deserve the best version of you that you can become. Getting back to a more natural state of living is so important, especially in these toxic times. So, switch off that signal, grab a piece of fruit and head out into nature and just breathe. Have a chat with your neighbour. Show your partner you love them. Smile randomly at everyone. You're alive!


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Hi, My name is Pixie
...and I'm a woman on a mission! On a mission to improve both mine and my familys' health, one natural remedy at a time.

I have 3 grown up kids and 1 little one left at home. And then there's Sweetpea the wonder dog. She likes to eat organic too, shh! :)

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