I recently read a real-life story about a woman who had been looking for love for a long-long time, with no success.

I recently read a real-life story about a woman who had been looking for love for a long-long time, with no success. She had been on all kinds of dating programs including blind-dates and speed-dating. She even tried online dating programs... but that too didn't work. It's not that she didn't meet men... she did. It's just that none of the men she met were that one person she wanted to spend the rest of her lie with.

So after she had tried everything people "normally" do to get love and still didn't succeed, she began to think maybe she wasn't meant to meet that one person. Maybe she was too picky... maybe she should just settle. All of these are thoughts and doubts she had.

But then a friend of hers suggested something she had never thought about... the friend asked, "why don't you put up a billboard?"

Although not 100% convinced that the idea would work she seriously considered it... especially since she had run out of options. The one thing she was worried about is that the people who see her billboard may think she's desperate. After thinking about it for a while she came to the conclusion that she had nothing to lose and decided to go for it.

Now this wasn't cheap, especially because she wanted to reach as many men as possible. After all, her dream man could be anywhere. But she thought finding that dream man was worth it, and this gave her the best possible chance of finding him.

Finally the billboards went up with her picture and phone number and she got thousands of responses from interested suitors. Her campaign became the talk of the town. The local newspaper ran a story on her and she was even interviewed by the local TV station.

Than the process of screening the men began after which she set up dates with those men with whom she found the most compatibility. But after she had been on a dozen dates she had still not found her soul-mate whom she knew was still somewhere out there.

Then just as she thought the process wasn't working and began to consider calling it quits, the man of her dreams showed up. The moment they met, she knew... and he knew that they had something special. Within just a few short months of meeting, they got married and now live happily ever after.

What would have happened if this lady hadn't followed the advice of her friend... or given up too early during the process? It's anyone's guess, but chances are that she wouldn't be where she is right now... happy and contended with the one person who fulfills her. However, it is not just a one-way street.

Her husband was also looking for that one person who would rock his world. In fact, he too was unhappy in love and when went on dates that didn't seem to go anywhere.

He too saw the giant billboard as he was driving to work every morning, but resisted the urge to call because he thought it won't go anywhere... just like his previous dates. It was only at the insistence of a friend that he agreed to call the number on the billboard. The rest as they say, is history...

This could easily have been a story about achieving financial or health success after a string of earlier failures. It could also have been a story about any of us, because we all want the same things in life. We also often make the same mistakes and can therefore learn from each other.

The lesson we can definitely learn here is that if you feel you have exhausted all options, there may be an option you may not have considered. Talking to a friend or a coach may give you the clarity you need or suggest an alternative you failed to see.

If you have been playing small, then going big may just be what the doctor ordered. When you play big, you'll find that it may cost you more and the risks are bigger... but so too are the payoffs! Add to that the fact that when you go big the results are often way faster than if you were to play it safe.

At the end of the day each of us have to decide what we're going to do... and then take responsibility for our decisions.

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