Regardless of whether the present market is hopping or slowing down to a pathetic crawl, if you are planning for a home-sale, then the important thing is to make it as much move-in-ready as possible.

Quality interior painting is one effective way to make the house presentable and worthy of top dollars. As per desire; one can paint the playroom pink or rosy and keep a dark shade in the guest room. However, truth be told, the key here is to create a blank canvas. This makes it perfect for the new residents to portray themselves in the way they desire.

That doesn’t mean that you will paint every wall surface white. Take a glance down to know about what paint colours to use when trying to sell off the house.

For The Kitchen Area:-

Considered to be the heart-n-soul of the house, the paint colour here needs to be bang on. Avoid going for anything fancy or too eccentric. In words of experienced painters serving the Sydney area, light blue and soft grey combinations work well.

As for the cabinets, stick to some eye-catchy like navy or copper red tone. In the past, it has known to arrest the attention of potential buyers and hence, it could work in this case too. If needed; one can always consult with a notable painting company serving Sydney to find the right colour.

For The Bathroom Area:-

Blue not only works well for kitchens but also for bathrooms too-especially light pale blue. In fact, nautical-themed bathing spaces are gaining in popularity. Another quality option to go for is soft periwinkle (combo of pastel blue or violet).

For The Living And Bedroom Area:-

The living room is the first place that will catch the eye of the potential buyer. So; one should break from the blue appearance for a change and opt for pale taupe, oatmeal colour, light beige or even light sea-green.

As for the bedroom, cadet blue or a matte soft cerulean netted paired with light coloured baseboards and natural wooden accents will present it that x-factor.

For The Dining Area:-

If one has a separate dining space, then one should opt for cool neutral colours to present an open, clean and well-cared appearance. One good option could be ‘Greige’- a combination of beige and grey.

Jimmy Kane:- an interior painting specialist in Sydney opines:-

“As many before have committed, do not think of going for a dark terracotta dining room. They tend to sell less as this decor doesn’t seem to match a buyer’s taste.

Instead; one should stick to neutrals and complement it with light coloured furnishings to create a clean room contrast.”

Final Say:

It can be tough to decide which colour works on which room (and more specifically to the new buyer’s taste). Hopefully, this post will help make things a tad easier. Still, if confusions still exist or one seeks for other intriguing paint colour choices, feel free to discuss this with an expert.

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