Several years back, I hosted a prosperity forum where several people were chatting about how frustrating it was to not have enough sales in their business. All of them said they were focused positively, taking all the action they could think of to reach their business goals, yet it wasn't happening.

They also gave a rundown of all the reasons -- at least from their perspective -- as to why this could be happening. None of them could put a finger on it. It was driving them nuts.

I've been there. Many times.

You want more business or want a certain project to take off and it doesn't. It's especially stressful if you are counting on the money to pay bills. If you want to turn the situation around, there are only a couple places to look for your answer.

1. Look at yourself. What was your level of passion behind the desire? Sometimes you may feel that only half of you can get behind a new project, while the other half is in doubt.

Is the desire aligned with what you want? Is there some part of you that thinks you are sacrificing time or your values to go after this? Now, for the ultimate check in ... on a scale of 1-10, are you at a 10 about lining up positive thoughts behind your desire? Were you all-in on the results? Was there any part of you that thought it may not happen the way you'd like? If so, this is probably a big part as to why it's not happening the way you want.

2. Consider the timing. Is this really the best time for your desire to manifest? Will it create extra work or changes in your business or life that you are not ready for? What if the Universe was about to deliver something even better but because you don't know it, you think you are failing? I have shelved so many projects when I noticed they weren't taking off, only to pull them off successfully at a later date.

3. Change your perspective. What if you were on track and the business or desire was right in front of you, but you were looking up and didn't see it? I see this happen with my clients all the time. Recently a friend came to me in despair about a team member at his work. He told me the whole story of why he thought it was a total catastrophe. I had to giggle, because from my outside perspective it looked like it was going precisely the way he wanted. I pointed out five reasons I thought he had proof that he was getting what he wanted. It just was not as fast as he would've liked. He had to agree, once I put a spotlight on what was working. You have to take all the focus off the parts that aren't moving quickly enough. Give yourself some time to get to where you want to go. And in the meantime, stop ranting about what is not working.

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