Most a times, we love; expecting to be loved, the people the love was directed to seem to be uninterested or acted aloof. It pains sometimes, but here are some things to know and do. Enjoy this piece.
It is a great thing of concern to most youth when they show some care to the opposite sex and were embarrassed by the reaction from the people they showed they cared. Their potential lovers either acted aloof or showed no interest. This hurts most people. It makes some to lose their sense of self-worth. It makes others to feel bad. When taken to the extreme by some people, they draw a false conclusion about the opposite sex generally, and may indulge in isolation, building emotional block against the opposite sex.
If you are among this folk that have had such experience, here are things to know and do.
• He/she does not deserve you, so move on and live your life. You will come in contact with the person that knows your worth; that will love and cherish you.
• Do not feel bad. Go inside and work on yourself. Develop and upgrade yourself. Come to limelight, he/she will come back looking for you.
• Know that what goes around will someday come around to stay around. Don’t mind how he/she treated you in the past. When I was a teen, there was this girl I wanted to be my friend. She was pretty classy and I was smart. All my efforts to go closer were to no avail. I went my way. Seven years later, she came to me and told me that she wanted me to be her friend.
• The time for you to be lovers is not yet. There is time for everything under the sun: a time to hate, and a time to love; a time to be separate, and a time to come together. Time will tell. Remember, time heals.
• It was Stephen Covey who said: “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” Understand his/her likes and dislikes, values, principles, goals, dreams, visions, and hobbies. You can do this by asking him/her directly. Once you understand these about him/her, and they are in line with yours, go ahead and let him/her know about yours, and how wonderful it would be if both of you work together. If they are however different from your own, detach yourself and move on!
• Aloofness sometimes may mean shyness. Don’t quit! Take the risk once again. Risk makes life sweet. All adventures are risky, so embark on that journey again. It is risky to take risks, but riskier not to take risk.
• Action and reaction will always be equal and opposite. Act rightly and expect equal and opposite reaction. Do it again and again, and soon you will see him/her coming to you to say: “I love you.”

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