If someone is going through a tough time or is unable to handle a certain obstacle, they can have the need to find a way through what is taking place. Regardless of what it is, their life might not have been this way for very long or it may have been this way for quite some time.

Either way, one is not going to want to wait very long for their life to change. However, although they will have a strong desire to move forward, it doesn’t mean that every part of their being is ready to move forward.

Inner Conflict

On one level, there will be absolutely no doubt that they want their life to change, but on a deeper level, they could be attached to what is going on. What this could illustrate is that there is a benefit to what they are going through.

This is what is known as a ‘secondary gain’ and it will be something that they are not aware of. Once they are able to become aware of what this benefit is, there can be no reason for them to hold onto what is taking place.

No Resistance

At a deeper level, one could believe that they would no longer be loved or accepted if their life was to change. Their conscious mind can see this as something that is completely irrational but to another part of them, it could be seen as the absolute truth.

So, if they have a challenge that has been hanging around for a while and they become aware of why they have had this challenge for so long, it will show that they are now ready to move forward. The teacher that they needed will have appeared via a book or an article or someone who is classed as a teacher.

Another Dynamic

Now, in this case, they will have been a student who needed to be taught something, but there will be other times when they are the teacher who needs to teach something. What this comes down to is that there will be times when they are the teacher and another person is the student.

Ultimately, every person on this planet is both a student and a teacher – no one only plays one role. Still, that’s not to say that some people don’t see themselves as only teachers that don’t need to learn anything or as only students that have nothing to teach.

Two Sayings

One saying is when the student is ready, the teacher will appear, and, the other saying is when the teacher is ready, the student will appear. When only the first of this saying is mentioned it creates an imbalance; it makes it seem as though some people only play one role.

When both sayings are mentioned, it makes it clear that even if someone teaches for a living, it doesn’t mean that they have nothing to learn. Therefore, when both parts of this saying are mentioned, it creates balance.

Final Thoughts

Another part of this is that if someone wants to teach something but they are able to find anyone who wants to learn about what they have to say, it may show that they are not ready to teach it yet. Perhaps there are more things that they need to go through or to understand before this takes place.

Lastly, if one realises that they are both a teacher and a student, it can allow them to stay humble. They won’t believe that they are any better than anyone else and they won’t believe that anyone else is any better than they are.

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