Having the proper insurance is one of the best things that you can do to protect your business. If you don’t have liability insurance yet, then it may be time for you to get it. The following is a list of reasons that you will need liability insurance for your business.

You Have a Commercial Space

There are many risks associated with having a commercial space for your business. For example, someone could come to your business and get hurt. You will need a public liability insurance policy for this.
You could also accidentally break something. A general liability insurance policy will be able to cover you if you accidentally break something. Keep in mind that if you have a landlord policy, it will cover the building itself. However, your general liability insurance policy will cover what you have inside of the building.

Your Business Is on Social Media

Many people do not realize that there are also risks associated with being on social media. Someone could lie on you and slander your name. They can also file a claim. This can potentially ruin your business. Liability insurance will protect you.

You Hire Someone

You definitely need liability insurance if you have someone working for you. If one of your employees is hurt on the job, then you will be responsible for covering their medical expenses. You may also have to pay for their lost time at work. Workers’ compensation insurance can cover this. Professional liability insurance will address issues like breaches of contract and errors that your employees make.

You Have a Company Vehicle

If you or your employees will be driving for work-related purposes, then you need to have insurance on those vehicles. A collision can cost thousands of dollars and result in serious injury. The insurance that you have on your personal vehicle does not cover commercial vehicles. Even if your employee will be using their own vehicle for work, you can still be held responsible for an accident. You will have to get hired and non-owned auto insurance to cover this.
Liability insurance is a lifeline for your business. If you have a commercial space or are on social media, then you need to get liability insurance. You should also get liability insurance if you have hired someone to work for you. Additionally, if you have a company vehicle, then you need liability insurance.

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