At one point in life, some of us get stocked in situations that demand us to make serious choices and the way we go about and the kind of choices we make tend to influence our lives tomorrow. This does not only end with relationship issues but it extends to other fields of life. Handling such kind of taxes is a little more complicated and demands us to make conclusions especially if it has to do with relationship matters; wondering whether to end the relationship or just continue under the circumstances we find ourselves into.
Knowing when to end a relationship is not just all about taking immediate action but rather, there are some factors that have to critically looked into before concluding the right actions, right? If not, that will just be like being a judge and passing a one-sided judgment alone based on the present. In this article, I am going to explain to you how to know when to end a relationship and also know how to assess the relationship to see its validity. But before I do that, I want you to know that these methods of assessing a partner/relationship are not my personal experience, but based on the psychological view point of relationship, right?
How to know when to end a relationship

Before deciding whether or not to end a relationship, you have to first of all make sure if he or she loves you. Knowing if your partner loves you is not difficult. There are many ways you can know this. You can still know by making comparison of how he or she used to show love in the early days of the relationship and how they now behave.

Although certain occurrence in life might influence their characters, still, since he is someone you live with, you can still take a critical assessment to know if he truely loves you or being influence under circumstances beyond his will such as work, busy schedule, or even whether he or she is seeing another lover behind your back.

In two of my articles, 'Signs to show that someone loves you', and 'Signs of cheating', I explained some of the signs which when someone loves you, he or she unconsciously displays and also how when a partner starts cheating, he or she tends to behaves and reacts without realizing that he or she is simply sending out massages about themselves. See those articles for better understanding of this topic.

When you must have found of about the statue of the relationship you will certain know when to end the relationship and how. I am in no way encouraging breakup. I am only trying to say that if it’s certain the relationship is not based on true love, I see no way out rather than getting anotherpotential partner, right?
When your love criteria don’t match

It’s true that someone may love you today but tends the next time to find errors in what he did. This is very normal so I see nothing wrong with that. Someone may find you as a potential partner probably because you match his love criteria, and his criteria suddenly changed or you sudden changed not to match his own criteria, he automatically sees you not as before, right?

In this case, if you discovered that you are the one who have changed, then adjusting back to the former style will certainly heal the relationship. But if on the other hand, It was his criteria that changed, then try to sort it out with him.

But if it’s certain he will not change, then, no one will blame you if you end the relationship based on this fact. But in most of my coaching seasons, I always encourage people to spot out enough reasons so as not to misunderstood their partners or the state of the relationship.

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