No matter how much money you have in your possession, decisions involving money can be exhausting. Some decisions you make might feel good in the moment, but feel bad later. Sometimes you may say "no" to a purchase or investment thinking that you’ll wait until a later date, and then arrive at the later date wishing you’d done it earlier.

There is a dance to playing with your money that can always end with you feeling great about your decisions before, during and after. This will require an abundance mentality, using your intuition and knowing your financial plan for your future.

What is an abundance mentality? Does this mean buy whatever you want, when you want it? No, not really. An abundance mentality around money is knowing that you can manifest whatever you desire in your life, but that you don’t need it all at once.

Let’s say you see an advertisement for a cruise to Tahiti and decide you want to go. But then you begin to think about the debt that you have and spending the money on the cruise doesn’t feel so good anymore. You can say "no" to the cruise just for right now. But you don’t need to feel deprived about that decision. You can add a cruise to your financial plan for the next year, and create a way to go and handle your debt.

The other way that an abundance mentality will come into play is when you create your financial plan. Plan for a future that you will love. If you know you do best with the security of several million dollars in the bank when you retire, then make sure that is included in your plan. You will take gradual action steps, but begin now.

If you’d like to expand your business or move to a bigger house (you may want both!), put it in your plan. Plan for success. You not only get to put a few desires in your plan, you get to put them all in there! Your plan will manifest in stages. Sometimes, the manifestations will not be in the order you had planned, but you’ll still be thrilled.

On your journey to having it all, you may have to say "no" to some things. Again, you’re just saying "no" right now, just for this moment. You must still trust that you will soon manifest your plan for the future. Once you have practiced the belief that you can eventually have and experience all that you desire, you can begin to count on your intuition for assisting you in making the right choices.

For instance, several years ago I was on a mission to pay off all of my debt. I’d look at my checking account balance when it was time to pay one of my credit card bills and see that I didn’t have enough to pay the amount that felt good. I’d want to write a check for $800 but in reality I could only pay $400. I’d check in with my inner guidance. Sometimes, I’d still write the check for $800 and mail it. Later that day I’d have a new sale from my website which was the perfect amount to cover the extra $400 I just spent. Other times I’d check in with my intuition and I’d only write a check for $200. I’d be grateful I’d listened to my inner guidance, as later that month an unexpected expense would show up and I still had the money in my account.

Intuition works with all things related to money. You may see something you love in a store, but instead of stopping to buy it you continue walking right past it. You don’t know why you kept walking but you just trust yourself. Sometimes you won’t understand where your intuition is leading you, but simply trust it. It will always lead you towards what you want. Its voice is never tinged with fear, guilt or judgment.

The last component in knowing when to say "yes" or "no" to something that involves money, is creating and following a plan. Create a plan for your immediate future (1-2 years out) and then a long-term plan. Simply start by writing down all the things you want to have and experience that would thrill you. This includes savings, investments, vehicles, property, and adventures. Then prioritize the list in order of what you’d like to have or accomplish first.

When making your plan, remember to include things that will keep you happy along the way. For instance, you may like to travel. If you have to say "no" to the cruise this year, make sure that you still take one or two vacations this year that fit your forecasted budget and still feel fun. If your plan leaves you feeling deprived right now, then it will not serve you. There are many creative ways to have amazing vacations without spending money you don’t have.

Money is meant to assist you in creating a life that is fulfilling. Every person, no matter their history, has the ability to manifest the amount of money they desire to have that type of life. Keep your focus on your plan and dance your way through your choices. Remember to keep the subject of money light and fun.

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