Until we have great faith in God, the Universe, and the One and Only, it’s important to fill our lives with friends who radiate love, faith, and goodness. People who are flesh and blood guides here to help those who are spiritually inclined walk the straight and narrow path.

Also following ascended masters, for the masters have answers to all manner of questions. Many times a masters answers will not be easy to follow because they make us dig deep. A masters answers will also make a spiritually incline student grow, not in intellect but in wisdom. And yes it’s great to ask all manner of questions of ascended masters (teacher)… that’s why they come to this plane.

So while a person is searching they should gather lots of spiritually inclined friends and find a spiritual master to look up too and ask questions of. And thus it’s important to have a spiritual master who is flesh and blood… to talk too, to walk with, to call on the phone, to email… and to open hearts.

Dr. Paul Haider

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