It doesn't matter if you became anxious when you started a job or what the occasion was, at some point in your life you have been anxious. Becoming anxious for certain events is something that happens to every one of us, even people who don't have an anxiety disorder.

The difference is that for people without constant anxiety in their lives, the fear of unknown situations generally moves on and life goes on. For people with anxiety however, this worry can turn into an anxiety disorder if left unchecked.

If you were in a situation where you became very anxious, like if a hurricane were approaching your city you would want some anxiety. Your heightened state of consciousness would help you to make quick decisions about your situation, which would serve to help you escape that situation safely. This is a type of anxiety that is good to have because it makes you able to cope with situations that you may not feel that you normally could.

But when you feel like you can't cope anymore is when anxiety poses a big problem. Beyond the healthy amount of anxiousness needed to escape a dangerous situation is the area in which people get so anxious that doing normal tasks become more and more difficult or impossible.

But what about some of the physical parts of anxiety that you are experiencing? If you begin to notice that sleeping is more difficult or that you get very sweaty, anxious or shaky at times, these are simply the ways in which your body is reacting to your anxious mind.

Another way is when your heart skips a beat at times of high anxiety. This is most often when people start to really get scared because they think that something much worse, like a heart attack is happening to them.

If these feelings go on for more than a few seconds it can be very frightening indeed. Another thing that is not much fun is that after an attack has subsided, you can still have one the same day for some other random reason. The way that anxiety comes and goes is what is so hard for people to deal with. The constant fear of not knowing when you will have the next attack is sometimes enough to give you a lot of extra anxiety on its own.

But there is not a good reason to live in such a fear all of the time. If what you are missing in your life are some techniques to help you deal with anxiety, then those are easy enough to find. What is truly hard is living a life where fear and panic control your every move.

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