I suggest that you consider these three criterions when you are looking for a motivational speaker.

The first is experience. Since you want your people to go somewhere, I think your motivational speaker must have some experience walking and running. At least, he must be able to say what to do when things get boring and tiring. No, he does not have to be someone who've been there. Tenzing Norgay was an experienced Sherpa, but he was hired not because he has been to the summit of Mount Everest. None was successful before he and Edmund Hillary made it on May 29, 1953. For someone who want to be first, you cannot definitely find someone who has been there. But get one with trustworthy experience.

The second is empathy. Don't hire a motivational speaker who is more interested about his topic than about his audience. If he is not asking you questions about you and your people, stop the conversation. Look for someone else. Someone who is not interested with you cannot be interested with your success. I have been to many conferences where speakers turn themselves into holier-than-thou and wiser-than-thou gurus. And I have attended many masses and services where the preachers turn themselves into readers.

The third is enthusiasm. If he is not able to move you during your conversation, then your motivational speaker needs more motivation. I know that there are motivational speakers who turn themselves into dynamic personalities the moment they step on the stage. These guys are performers. They are their to impress you, not motivate you. An enthusiastic speaker will make you enthusiastic even though he is not speaking. Trust me. I have met many enthusiastic speakers. Their presence make you feel good.

Yes, there are more things that you have to consider. But make experience, empathy, and enthusiasm your basic requirements when you are looking for a motivational speaker.

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Jef Menguin is a professional speaker based in the Philippines. He also conducts bootcamps for professional speakers in the the Philippines. To learn more about him, visit http://jefmenguin.com

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