You are really kind one that you are there for your friends and for your loved ones, whenever they need support. A good sign, indeed. That shows you truly respect them & value them. And so everyone feels good about you, that also make your relation stronger.

But in some cases, this will not work as it should be. You think that you help them, be with them and they will start valuing you in their life,too. Not every time,slowly & gradually you find that they losing their interest in you, which they have in the first meeting. And that because of your being available every time.

So here are the consequences that happen when you make yourself too available for others.

When available too lose your self respect
Though you have value for the relationship and so you think it’s good for them, if you be present every time they need support. Nice gesture, but being there always, ultimately will decrease your self-worth in them. Because they take you as you are very easy to approach and that’s the way you lose your self-importance as well.

Indeed you are kind, But Respect yourself first then try to adjust in relationship.

They start taking you for granted
In most case, we feel like we are taken for granted, and that hurting us in our relationship. But we need to understand the reason of it, is we are. It’s we are who became too much available for them and give them a chance to take us like no one.

You don’t need to available all the time,People tend to miss you when you are not around. Let your absence realize them your presence(importance).

You interrupt their space when you always available
You have cared for them, you love them. That’s right. But being available with them all the time, and you even not giving them their me-time. They also want some space and time to spend with own self. And that's not possible if you are always available to them.

So stop being too available and let them enjoy their own company & own time as well.

They’ll think you are Free always
Being with them when they need you, is quite a good thing. You left your very important work and go to them, when it’s a call. Ultimately this will make them realize that you are always free and have no other work or person.

You have a work to accomplish, not every time you need to give them full attention. Inform them your priorities.
Your too much availability make them careless
In many cases, one keeps another person in handy like a helping hand, in relationship. If a person calls you, only when they need help, it means you are that one Handy-guy. A guy who is always there when anything goes wrong to them & you to solve that.

And you are available there, too.That’s make them careless for the things which they have to handle own. But still, they want you to solve that for them.So it’s better not to become Superman for them because you too have a other work to do.

Let them figure it out own self, be there only in case they fail to do so.

Let them feel your absence
Believe or not, but you have made yourself too much available for them. You have given them relief by staying with them every time. And that’s why they have no idea how valuable you are. Let them understand your value, in your absence.

Let them figure out the challenges own self, that are you taking care everytime. And that’ll result in respecting your presence.

Because of your availability all time, they feel bored in relationship
It’s good that likeable person who is with each other for long has to understand each other well But it’s not necessary, that a person has to know everything about another. And other people also need not reveal everything about them. Most relationship, persons loses their excitement when they know everything in very short period. In order to keep relationship alive and exciting, the information must be shared slowly,just create a thrill like a suspense movie.

Don’t be in so much hurry to tell everything about you, and Don’t even eager to know them in a very short period of time. Go slow, share the information occasionally and keep the excitement alive, Let them feel excited about your life.

Create suspense and make them wondering about you
At some point, you feel like they have losing interest in you and feels no excitement in the relation, as it used to. As you have made yourself available too much and they gradually losing interest in you. And make this relationship boring. Because you reveal not many things, but everything about you.

And when they know there is nothing left to know about you then, they will find you as boring. You became a book, which they already read.

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Don't make yourself too Available to them

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