The general surgeon in Hyderabad is a doctor who performs surgery for a range of illnesses. They are trained to diagnose and make a comprehensive treatment plan. The treatment plan includes preoperative care, surgery, and postoperative care for their patients. Depending on the diagnosis the surgeon may recommend the following surgery

Elective surgery carried out as a preventive measure and is done to help the patient stay in good health.
Required surgery carried out to retain the quality of life.
Emergency surgery is carried out to treat life-threatening conditions.
Common surgical procedures by General surgeons in Hyderabad performed by them are

Breast surgeries
Colon and Rectal surgeries
Esophageal procedures
Gallbladder removal
Hernia Repair
Thyroid Procedure
Varicose Vein Treatment
General surgeons in Hyderabad also carry out the following procedure

Skin lesion removal

Removal of cysts, lymphoma, etc.
Paracentesis or removal of fluid from a body cavity
Thoracentesis or removal of fluid from the chest cavity
Surgical wound care/skin grafting
Placing ports before chemotherapy and other procedures.
Some of these surgeries are open surgeries require a large incision or are minimally invasive surgeries procedure requiring a small incision.You can Book doctor appointment in Hyderabad.
There are various reasons you may need to surgery some of the common reasons are:-

To explore the condition to make a diagnosis
Take biopsy
Removal of diseased tissues or organs
Eliminate obstruction to flow of fluid into or out of an organ
Reposition organs to its original position
Transplant organs or tissues.
Implant mechanical or electronic device to help an organ function.
Perioperative care is the care given to a patient before and after a surgical procedure. There are three phases in your surgery preoperative, surgery, and postoperative care. Perioperative care takes care of your welfare during the duration of your stay in the hospital.

Preoperative procedures will ensure your physical and psychological preparation before your surgery. This phase may range from days to months. You may need to go to diagnostic labs in Hyderabad before the procedure. Depending on the reading you may be required to improve your general health before your surgery. Preoperative testing is done to prevent post-surgical complications. Medication may be prescribed to improve your health before the general surgeon in Hyderabad proceeds with your surgery.

Before your surgery, the surgical team will give you a list of instructions such as not eating for a few hours before your surgery, place IV to be used before surgery, and medication. The team will review your medical history and note down if you have any allergies. The anesthesiologist and general surgeon in Hyderabad will meet you before the procedure and answer questions if any.

The Intraoperative phase is the critical phase where the surgery is carried out. It begins when you are wheeled into the operation theatre and ends when you are taken to the post-anesthesia care unit (PACU). There is a special focus to ensure you recover from the effects of anesthesia. Various health parameters are recorded during this phase. Pain management, fluids, and blood may be administered in the PACU.

The postoperative phase begins after you are transferred out of the post-anesthesia care unit. The care required in this phase depends on the type of surgery you have had and your medical history. Pain management, preventing infection, and wound care are all a part of postoperative care. The surgeon may recommend you order medicines at home to prevent infection or recommend you go to a physiotherapist in Hyderabad to aid your recovery.

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