Money is a big problem when you come to fertility treatment. There are other problems which lead to the inability of many couples to avail it. According to IVF Center, there are many reasons for this problem. Let's see what the reasons for this chasm-are

1. No Fertility Benefits in Health Insurance scheme:
Only a few countries like Canada and Europe have fertility coverage under the Health Insurance scheme. In the United States, only 11 states have the provision of fertility insurance.
2. Financial constraints
The high cost may be impossible to achieve as many people don't have adequate funds to bear the cost of infertility treatment. The treatment may be even costlier if there is a need for surrogacy either for the male or the female.
source: Sofat Infertility & Women Care Centre

3. Care Provider Bias
Some institutions are biased against providing good care due to the following reasons-
Low Socioeconomic status of the patient
Doctor's objection to IVF
Marital status as some fertility health insurance coverage policies requires that the patient be married
Personal Bias against overweight patients
Bias due to Sexual orientation of a person
Discrimination due to gender identity
Racial discrimination
Bias due to the age of the patient

4. Personal Fear
The infertile men and women are sacred to talk and approach medical help to get over the problem. Such people may put off their treatment for a long time. Cultural and social stigma, religious ideology, distrust of the physicians may be other reasons behind it.

How to counter the problems-
Research about the Financial Assistance Available
Infertility treatment is indeed expensive but some assistance may be available to you for the same. Be on a lookout for discounts, loan options, or refund IVF programs. Crowdfunding or grants may also be available.

Discounted Health Services
Basic reproductive care along with basic fertility testing is sometimes available at many clinics at a discounted rate. The Internet is a great place to locate some of the best venues for such facilities.

Treatment of the Underlying Diseases
Many underlying conditions cause infertility. It will be beneficial for you if you concentrate on the cause rather than the effect. Obesity, hormonal problems, diabetes could be causing your infertility. Treating the condition will automatically make you fertile without opting for the expensive infertility treatment procedures.

Get the treatment Cost Reduced
Talk to your doctor about treatment cost reduction. Considering your financial situation, they may be able to provide some cost reduction. This may be done by opting for a natural IVF cycle. Other methods of reducing the costs include opting for less monitoring and using less expensive medicines.

Optimize Overall Health
Opting for a healthier lifestyle may help you with some of your infertility factors. If you are a borderline case, your overall health will help in bringing your fertility back. However, severe factors like blocked tubes and azoospermia will not get reversed due to it.

Eat healthily
Deficiency in your diet may be the culprit. Make sure that you eat healthy homemade food and a balanced diet so that you get the best nutrition.

Get sufficient sleep
Getting sufficient sleep during the right time will also affect your fertility. People who work through night shifts report higher cases of infertility as it results in a messed up body clock.

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